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30 September 2022

Applying turmeric to the navel gives a lot of benefits to the body, know how to use it.

 Applying turmeric to the navel gives a lot of benefits to the body, know how to use it.

Turmeric is essential in every home kitchen, apart from cooking we use turmeric to cure many diseases in Ayurveda. Since turmeric has many medicinal properties, we can cure many diseases by consuming it and if there is an internal wound on the leg, we can also cure it by applying its paste.

Due to its anti-bacterial properties, turmeric can easily relieve any pain and contains elements like phosphorus, sodium, potassium and calcium and iron. Due to its anti-implementative properties, it works to cure every problem from digestion to skin. But if you use this same turmeric to apply on the navel, you will see many benefits.

How and when to apply turmeric to the navel: You should apply turmeric to the navel at night or at the time when you should have complete rest for two to three hours during the day. Because for two to three hours this same turmeric will be absorbed by your body through the navel and you will get its benefits. The best time to apply turmeric in the navel is considered to be at night.

While applying turmeric to navel, you can mix coconut oil and mustard oil in turmeric. Because by doing this the properties of turmeric become more legal. And also it is very helpful for any stomach problem. If you have a lot of stomach ache then you can massage the stomach well after applying turmeric. Let’s know about the benefits of applying turmeric to the navel.

Removes the infection in the body: Nowadays everyone suffers from cold and cough due to bad environment. Then they also get viral fever and become victims of infection. Turmeric has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and it works very well to cure all such diseases and infections. To remove the infection in the body, mixing mustard oil and turmeric on the navel and applying it on the navel removes the infection and also relieves cold and cough.

Strengthens Immunity: Turmeric has the power to fight diseases as turmeric has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. So if we want to strengthen our immune system, we should put turmeric in the navel and go to bed every night. Doing this will not only strengthen your immune system but also keep your weight under control.

નાભીમાં હળદર લગાવવાથી શરીરને મળે છે અઢળક ફાયદા, જાણો તેનો ઉપયોગ કરવાની રીત

ગુજરાતી માહિતી વાંચો અહીથી

Very helpful for digestive system: It is very important to digest whatever we eat in our body and if that food is not digested then digestive system problems arise. Due to digestive system problems, many other problems arise, so turmeric is a very good remedy. Turmeric is rich in fiber, and fiber is very important for digestion. So by placing turmeric on the navel and resting for some time, the pain in the stomach and many other problems in the body are removed.

Relieves period pain: When any woman is on her period, she feels a lot of cramping in the gums, and extreme pain. The navel is the main part of our stomach and at that time if turmeric is used on the navel it can relieve the pain of periods.

Relieves Stomach Swelling or Stomach Pain : Many a times we have a lot of stomach ache after eating and due to this the problem of indigestion and constipation also arise. In such a situation, you can mix turmeric in coconut oil and apply it on the navel. By doing this, the problem of stomach ache is reduced and then if you have got something hurt or a wound, you can apply turmeric paste on it and get relief from it.

Thus, applying turmeric to the navel is very beneficial. Please share this useful information.

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