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3 July 2022

The woman got out of the car in the middle of the forest, pulled the tiger in a few minutes! Horrible video went viral

Traveling through the jungle can often be scary.

But people think that forests are just like urban areas, so it is okay to go down anywhere and anytime.

But this is the biggest mistake people make.

A woman got out of a car on a road in the middle of the forest and made a big mistake.

You will be on the lookout for what suddenly happened to him.

Frequent surprise posts are posted on the Twitter account AN RANDOMFACTS2022.

One more shocking video has recently been posted on this account which you will be amazed to see.

The weird thing about this video is that a tiger suddenly comes in and does something with the woman that no one would have even thought about.

The tiger pulled the woman

In the video, which was recorded on a CCTV camera, a car suddenly stopped on the road and a woman jumped out of it and turned around and came to the other side of the car.

She's probably talking to the guy in the driver's seat. 

2 more cars are seen standing behind the vehicle which is probably waiting for this vehicle to go away. 

Then comes a large tiger that grabs the woman's leg with its front two legs and pulls it like a bush.

The way the woman is dragged along with the tiger is a very scary scene.

People in the car rush to rescue him, then the video ends. 

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