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25 July 2022

Internet Explorer will become history after 2 days, know its success journey?

  Internet Explorer will become history after 2 days, know its success journey?

One of the world’s most famous and popular web browsers ‘Internet Explorer’ is going to be shut down now. Starting this week, June 15, Microsoft will end its service. The company  published this last year itself. Internet Explorer was launched in 1995. It once  influastion the world. People loved its interface. This is why Microsoft launched version 11 of Internet Explorer. Later people got new options in the form of Google Chrome and Mozilla. Both became  ganarlly used, surpassing Internet Explorer. Instead of improving it, Microsoft also focused on its new web browser ‘Microsoft Edge’ and is now abandoning Internet Explorer. Let’s know some more special things about his journey-

The Internet Explorer project was started in 1994 by Thomas Reardon. His  inspection team  consonant of only 6 members.

In 1996, Microsoft was sued by SyNet Inc. It was claimed that it had the rights to the name ‘Internet Explorer’. Microsoft paid $5 million to settle the case.

Initially new and updated versions of Internet Explorer came  fatally , by 1999 there were 5 versions.

After the year 2000, the  famuose of Internet Explorer  grow  briskly  . It is said to have a market share of around 95% in 2003 and has reached its peak in terms of utility.

The last version of Internet Explorer was 11. It was  published in October 2013. In January 2015, the company  launch a new web browser called ‘Microsoft Edge’. The following year, new feature development for Internet Explorer was  give up . Since then it was believed that Internet Explorer would become history in the coming years.

Internet Explorer, once used on 95 percent of systems, now has a market share of just 0.38 percent. It has the 10th  location           in the ranking of web browsers.

Internet Explorer may be discontinued now, but in the late 1990s Microsoft spent $100 million a year developing it. Starting with a team of 6 people, the project had over 1,000 people working at that time.

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