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17 June 2022

Educational News Updates

Examples Develop vocabulary of related words to enhance understanding of space and celestial objects. Educational Approach to Improving FLN Teaching-Learning: Focus on child's education Use toy-based pedagogy and experimental learning. Emphasis will be placed on self-making toys without materials at low cost by the readily available children around.

Children’s proprietary toys can be collected for communication skills, where each child brings a toy to school and then talks about it or writes about it, etc. Moving towards merit based education: Granted. We have many children who are first generation learners and do not have literacy and numeracy at home.

Teachers therefore need to develop judicial awareness and sound discrimination, and focus on visual and visual when children from different backgrounds have different learning organizations, which help children to have more and develop good digestion and writing skills in formal school as needed. In addition, the basis of mathematical education or abstract thinking is a play and activity based approach (play making, art compilation, game integration, storytelling based learning, ICT (information and communication technology) integration, group work, role playing, project work in groups.

Makes sense for Therefore, teachers need to focus on the following. Upon admission, all students are expected to be prepared for class-level content standards to be covered and tested in a time-limited learning system. Aptitude-based education focuses on student learning outcomes, and is characterized by: Children progress to the next level only by mastering the current level.  

અગત્યની લિંક

 Regarding affixing of banners and posters under Nipun Bharat Mission at school level, Shri said that Nipun Bharat Mission program has been implemented by the Ministry of Education, Government of India.  In order to further disseminate the research on the goals of Nipun Bharat Mission and its implementation, posters have been prepared by the office here to be affixed in various banners and standard classrooms. 

 Sample banner and poster are enclosed in softcopy and open file.  In view of the following matters, the banner of Nipun Bharat Mission and poster of standard classrooms should be printed by the schools in the school / classroom or oil painted in the school / classroom according to the pattern of banner and potter.  Is requested.  1. At the school level, plan to put Nipun Bharat banner on the outside wall of the school so that parents can see the countries coming and going.  (Expected size: feet x feet) 2.  There are two posters for display in standard classrooms.  Elementary in every class of Std. 1 to 8

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