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2 February 2022

Need a try / do you really want to quit smoking? Try it at home, it will make a difference

Need a try / do you really want to quit smoking? Try it at home, it will make a difference

If you really want to quit smoking you can do so by following these simple steps.

Cigarettes are harmful to health

Can be fatal to health

Quit smoking this way

You know how harmful cigarette PV is to health. 

It can lead to diseases like cancer as well as many other problems to your body. 

Cigarette PV is fatal to our health and those who are addicted to it cannot live without it.

Why do you feel addicted to cigarettes?

In fact, cigarettes contain nicotine which lasts only 40 minutes. 

As its effect is completed. 

The person seems to be craving to drink it again. 

In this cycle the person becomes addicted.

Drinking milk can break the habit

If you are thinking of quitting cigarettes or tobacco, get in the habit of drinking milk early. 

Milk will help reduce your cravings. 

Drink a cup of milk whenever you feel craving. 

You don't need anything else for a while.

Addiction to these fruits

You can also take vitamin C rich fruits like oranges, citrus, bananas, guavas, cauliflower, strawberries etc. 

This also calms your craving and benefits the body.

 Raw cheese

Raw cheese is very beneficial for health and eating it does not make you hungry for a long time and you do not feel like eating anything else. 

You can store it in the freezer. 

Whenever you feel like taking a cigarette or you eat raw cheese, the craving will end.

This is how you get rid of the tobacco habit

People who are addicted to tobacco. 

They should get in the habit of eating fennel. 

Whenever you feel like eating tobacco, you eat anise as an alternative. 

It improves digestion and will also help to get rid of your addiction.

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