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22 January 2022

Dictionary, voice translator and voice typing helping in home learning

Dictionary, voice translator and voice typing helping in home learning

 This Dictionary is Made in India Dictionary and translator app with all premium features and English to Hindi Dictionary & English to Hindi translation. This Offline Dictionary App has All Languages Translator and Dictionary. You Dictionary will help you to translate text, voice, conversations, Screenshots & camera photos.

Dictionary, voice translator and voice typing helping in home learning

Oxford Dictionary provides each word's meaning with full explanation, definition, synonyms, antonyms, word usage, example, and grammar. The main feature of this app is English to Hindi Dictionary & English to Hindi translation and also have All Languages Translator (100+ Languages Support).

Best Features :

★ Dictionary: you can get multiple meanings, definitions, and related words.
★ Text Translation: between any two languages from 100+ languages and with English to Hindi translation.
★ Offline Dictionary is a totally free app.
★ Translate Text, Voice, Conversations, Camera Photos & Screenshots.
★ Voice to voice translation in all languages.
★ The main features of this app are English to Hindi Dictionary & English to Hindi translation.
★ Grammar Check for good writing.
★ All Indian Language Dictionary and also provide English to Hindi Dictionary.
★ Scan any texts and get quick meaning in your native language.
★ Copy words from other app and easily translate them into your language.
★ Share: Easily share translated words, sentences with your friends.
★ Offline Dictionary provides you English Pronunciation.
★ Improve your vocabulary using this you Dictionary

📄 Text-to-Speech Translator

It is an essential translator for everyone. All in one translator is simple and easy to use. More than just a language translation, it offers instant voice and text translations in all languages. All languages translator app is an amazing tool for android devices that improves your language learning skills. You can also type the words or sentences and get their translation.

🎤 Voice Translator

Voice text translators are so cool for language conversion. Just type, speak words & text to translate for any language quickly using the audio to text converter app. Voice translator all languages help you to learn their native languages.

📷 Camera Translator/OCR Translator

Instant Image to text translator app uses the most advanced OCR technology. Picture translator helps you to recognize any object by using an image. Photo translate takes or imports photos for a higher-quality translation app.

🗣️ Conversation Translator

The speak to translate in all languages app has a very simple conversation interface. With the move of a simple button, you can translate from one language to another you needed. Voice to voice translation feature allows you to listen to translated text automatically

💬 Chat Translator

When you're chatting with your friends using a variety of social apps, Chat translator enables you to quickly translate the text of the speech bubbles and input boxes

🔎 Magic Translator

Just drag the magic ball onto the bubble text, it can change in all kinds of languages & communicate directly with friends. The magic translate app instantly translates all languages into your target language without switching out.

🌏 Translate into Multiple Languages

◾ English to Urdu
◾ English to Spanish
◾ English to German
◾ English to Chinese
◾ English to French
◾ English to Arabic
◾ English to Russian
◾ English to Japanese
◾ English to Hindi
◾ English to Portuguese

Copy to Translate: Copy words or sentences and get the translation instantly.

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