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14 November 2021

Launch of Niramay Gujarat Abhiyan in the state, find out what benefits you will get from this scheme, what services you will get for free

Launch of Niramay Gujarat Abhiyan in the state, find out what benefits you will get from this scheme, what services you will get for free

Niramay Gujarat Abhiyan: Niramay Gujarat Abhiyan is starting in the state from today. Find out what this campaign is and what benefits it will bring to the citizens of the state ...

State-wide Niramay Gujarat started by the Chief Minister on 12th November, i.e. from today. Health Minister Hrishikesh Patel will launch the Niramaya Gujarat Abhiyan at Singarva in Ahmedabad. So today Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel is visiting Banaskantha today. Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel will launch the state-wide Niramaya Gujarat Maha Abhiyan from GD Modi College, Palanpur.

What is Niramaya Gujarat Abhiyan?

The 'Niramaya Gujarat Yojana' involving more than 20 million citizens of the state over 60 years of age, i.e. 90% of the citizens, will be launched in the presence of dignitaries including various ministers, legislators and MPs in 6 districts and 6 corporations of the state simultaneously. Under the scheme, citizens above the age of 30 will be screened every Friday at state primary and community health centers as well as government hospitals. In which a healing card with their health related details will be given.

Non-communicable diseases like hypertension, diabetes are on the rise due to today's irregular diet and lifestyle. Seeing this situation, the state government has launched Nirayam Gujarat Abhiyan. Under which tests, diagnoses of persons above 30 years of age will be conducted free of cost every Friday in primary and community health centers of the state as well as government hospitals.

Revenue and Law Minister Rajendra Trivedi launched the campaign in Vadodara. A free mega health camp will be organized in Palanpur from 9 am to 5 pm under Niramaya Maha Abhiyan for the well-being of the people. Treatment will be free.

CM Bhupendra Patel's big appeal, said 'those who don't need it should not take advantage of government scheme'.

CM Bhupendra Patel's appeal to the people in Palanpur

Those who do not need it do not take advantage of the government scheme

The money saved from the scheme can be used for education

CM Bhupendra Patel reached Banaskantha today on the occasion of inauguration of Gujarat Niramay Yojana. In Banaskantha, CM Bhupendra Patel appealed to the people. Appealed to the people to take advantage of the government scheme. He also urged the people not to take advantage of the government scheme. If the money of government scheme is saved then that money can be spent on education. CM Bhupendra Patel has also advised people to learn English along with their mother tongue. Learning English doesn't bother you in any part of the world. The CM showed readiness to work for the development of the last human being.

Those who do not need it do not take advantage of the government scheme

Niramay Gujarat Abhiyan has been started by CM Bhupendra Patel. Every Friday will be celebrated as a day of healing, a medical camp will be organized by specialist doctors on the day of healing, and a team of specialists will also conduct treatment and diagnosis through telemedicine. Through this campaign people will be covered under the treatment scheme by screening for non-communicable diseases. Launching the campaign from Palanpur, CM Bhupendra Patel jokingly said in his distinctive style that all should be relaxed, we have come to avoid the disease The death toll has risen in the state, but the coronavirus vaccine has been given the most in India, the chief minister said.

Launch of 'Niramay Gujarat' campaign at the hands of CM

Under Niramay Gujarat Yojana, the approach of `Healthy Citizen, Advanced Gujarat 'will provide health related services to the people in which non-communicable diseases will be diagnosed and treated at rural-urban level. There will also be treatment for high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and kidney disease and anemia.

People will be provided health related services

Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel today launched the Niramaya Gujarat Yojana. Through this campaign, three crore people of the state will get the state government. Under this campaign, the state government has announced Niramaya Gujarat Yojana for regular check up of diseases including blood pressure, diabetes in people over 30 years of age in the state in which health check up of more than 3 crore people will be conducted.

સંપૂર્ણ માહિતી ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો નીચેની લિંક દ્વારા

Vtv ન્યૂઝ રિપોર્ટ વાંચો.

ABP અસ્મિતા ન્યૂઝ રિપોર્ટ વાંચો.

Approach to 'Healthy Citizen, Advanced Gujarat'

In addition, for the launch of this scheme, the program was started in 33 districts and 8 Municipal Corporations of the state in the presence of various ministers, MLAs, MPs, in the presence of dignitaries in which deaths due to diseases like BP, heart attack, paralysis, cancer, kidney, vitiligo, diabetes are higher. 

Citizens over the age of 30 will be screened at all PHCs, CHCs and government hospitals every Friday on Mamata Day to take care of such diseases. 

Not only that, they will also be given a health card with their health details. 

Facilities will be provided from screening to treatment of such diseases, so that the cost of citizens will be estimated at 12 to 15 thousand. 

In this, patients will be registered for health ID. 

Due to which any doctor will be able to get information about the time of treatment. 

Kiosks will be set up at health centers and hospitals to issue cards. 

Twice a year ‘Niramay’ camps will be organized at every village and ward level. Under this campaign 3 crore people will be served.

Every Friday will be celebrated as 'Healing Day'

The patient may be referred to a specialist for further investigation if necessary after examination. 

Each patient will be followed up once every six months after treatment. 

Free treatment of the patient will be possible in more than 600 private and more than 1600 government hospitals in the state

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