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22 November 2021

Gram Panchyat Chuntani announced now

Date of election of 10, 879 gram panchayats of the state announced, total 2 crore 6 lakh 53 thousand voters will participate in this election.

State Election Commission announces election program

Voting on December 19, results on December 21

More than 10 thousand gram panchayat elections will be held in the state

The drumbeat of Gram Panchayat elections has started in Gujarat. In Gujarat, Gram Panchayat elections will be held in the second week of December. Polling will be held on 19th December, counting of votes will be done on 21st December. More than 10 thousand gram panchayat elections will be held in the state. By-elections will be held in 1 thousand gram panchayats. Voting will be done on ballot paper in Gram Panchayat elections. Election Commission completes preparations for Gram Panchayat elections. A total of 2 crore 6 lakh 53 thousand voters will participate in this election

State Election Commissioner Sanjay Prasad announced the Gram Panchayat election dates

With the announcement of election dates for a total of 10882 gram panchayats in the state, the code of conduct has also been implemented from today. If we get detailed information about the dates of the election program, then the election announcement date is 22nd November, that is, this evening at 4 o'clock. The date of publication of the declaration is 29th November which means that the candidates will be able to fill up their claim form from this date. December 4 is the last day to fill out the form, after which December 6 has been announced as the date for checking the form. Polling will be held in all Gram Panchayats on December 19 and re-polling may be held on December 20 if required. People will be able to exercise their franchise from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. After which the counting of votes will be held on December 21. All the election process will be completed on the 24th. Election identity card must be presented at the time of voting. Special attention will also be paid to the Corona rule. Nota can also be used in the Gram Panchayat election process. The Election Commission has also announced that no election will be held on Samaras Gram Panchayat.

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Chronicle of Gram Panchayat Election

November 22: Election announcement

November 29: Date of publication in notice and advertisement

December 4: Deadline for subscription forms

December 6: Date of verification of subscription form

December 7: Date of withdrawal of subscription form

December 19: Polling date (7am to 6pm)

December 20: Re-polling date if necessary

December 21: Counting date

December 24: Date of completion of election process

Voting will be by ballot paper

According to the Election Commission, the elections will be held on ballot paper as there is no EVM machine system as per the seats and all sorts of planning has been carried out by the Election Commission. The code of conduct has come into force with the announcement of Gram Panchayat election dates.

ન્યૂઝ રિપોર્ટ ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો અહીંથી

Total number of voters

1 crore 06 lakh 46 thousand 524 male voters

1 crore 6 thousand 850 female voters

2 crore 06 lakh 53 thousand 374 total voters

Number of polling stations and ballot boxes

Total Polling Stations- 27085

Ballot Requirement - 54387

Number of available ballot boxes - 64620

How many election officials, staff and police staff

Number of Returning Officers - 2657

Number of Assistant Returning Officer - 2990

Number of polling staff - 157722

Number of Police Staff - 58835

How many wards of gram panchayat

10 thousand 117 gram panchayats .... total wards of 88211 gram panchayats

65- Divided Panchayats- 568 wards

By-election of 923 wards of 697 gram panchayats

10284 Sarpanch will be elected

Approval for division of 153 gram panchayats before elections

While the Election Commission has directed that EVM will not be used in the Gram Panchayat elections this time, the division of 153 Gram Panchayats has also been approved by the State Government. It is important to note that the Gram Panchayat elections will be held on ballot paper and approval has been given to establish Panchayats in 191 new villages in the state. At present there are 14,929 gram panchayats in 18,225 villages in the state. With the approval of 191 new gram panchayats, the state will now have 15,120 gram panchayats, out of which 10 thousand gram panchayats will be elected. The Panchayat Department has also issued notification for approval of Gram Panchayats. There are 300 villages in the state where the population is less than 200 people with Kutch having the highest population of less than 200 people in 47 villages. Even before the Gram Panchayat elections in Teva, the state government had approved the division of Gram Panchayats.

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