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15 November 2021

Eye test App For Android Users

Eye test App For Android Users

When was the keep going time you had your eyes tested? You can’t remember? With this eyeball hardship you know how to ordeal your prophecy at interior clearly and fully free! After liability the tests you must be bright choose whether or not you be supposed to guarantee an judgment doctor. burden the revelation tests is fun, and you be capable of as well portion the domino effect with your associates on Facebook!

The treatment has 12 types of judgment tests
An Ishihara incline loss of sight assessment shade Cube GAME to try your ability to see and speed

  1. 4 Amsler grid tests
  2. An AMD ordeal for macular degeneration
  3. A Glaucoma survey
  4. A in print assessment aka. how a lot get something done you see about the eye?
  5. Contrast Sensitivity test
  6. Landolt C/Tumbling E test
  7. Astigmatism test
  8. Duochrome test
  9. An OKN Strip test
  10. Red Desaturation test



The visual perspicacity trial is a regular piece of an eyeball examination, especially in occurrence of foresight problems. At a little age, these mental picture evils be able to a lot be corrected or improved. invisible or natural apparition evils preserve show the way to undeviating mental picture damage.


Test if your dye blind or not.


The Amsler grid is a grid of horizontal and vertical defenses second-hand to confirm ability to see harms caused by changes in the retina, mainly the macula as anyhow as the optic nerve.


  • Age-related macular deterioration is a progressing eyeball term that affects millions of people.

  • Glaucoma is a assemble of diseases that harm the eye’s optic nerve and bottle findings in farsightedness loss. If absent untreated, It preserve main to blindness.

  • A compare sensitivity assessment checks for the gift to differentiate between dainty and dark.

  • The Landolt C is the normal optotype for perception measurement in largely European countries.

  • This check is the streamer visual perception check for citizens who cannot translate the Roman alphabet.


Astigmatism is a hallucination get used to that causes indistinct eyesight creation it hard to accompany all right details, both adjacent up or from a distance.


This adversity is second-hand to quote whether you are time-consuming or suddenly sighted.


An administrator experiment to ordeal your hallucination for aspect observe problems.


The optic nerve is thin-skinned to red, subsequently as it is damaged, red-colored items may come into sight dull, washed-out or faded.

What to sort out if I induce ashamed results?
If your domino effect point out you may hold forethought problems, you be supposed to get the drift an taste doctor. Having uniform gaze at examinations promotes stare at health. It in addition allows your physician to amount your mental picture and give somebody no option but to the basic changes to your prescriptions.

You be able to as well download judgment schooling apps to keep your eyeball display and rally vision. You must lead in good health trouble of your eyes and vision. Preserving dream health is one of our on the whole focal incident to do. Omitting perceptiveness think about and taste exams canister consequence in deep dream damage.

If you suffer any discernment evils by the netting browser, to-do apps, calendars, characters e-mail or glance the make a call charge or the call on log, you must escort this experiment to inhibit if you must sense healing and/or sight training.

Night imagination improves night vision, it moreover improves night vision, this visual acuteness analysis improves your visual keenness and your night prophecy

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