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2 November 2021

100% effective treatment to get rid of psoriasis pain in just 5 minutes without medication.

100% effective treatment to get rid of psoriasis pain in just 5 minutes without medication.

The center of the body, the navel, needs to be in its proper place to stay healthy. Many times the navel slips out of their place, which is also called Amboi moving or Pichoti or navel moving. It can cause problems like abdominal pain, gas, loss of appetite, tremors in the legs, nervousness etc.

આ પણ જુઓ : 

Poor lifestyle, lack of appetite, not exercising and not getting enough sleep can lead to psoriasis. Pisotti can also move during heavy work or sports. Sudden pressure on one leg, stairs, or right-left bending can also cause the pistol to move.

Extreme pain and thickening of the pelvis can be caused by moving. Squeeze the patient's back and press his navel. If there is no throbbing experience below the navel then it is not in their place. The patient develops indigestion and constipation as the pistil moves.

The problem of moving the patchouli can usually happen to anyone, but this problem is more common in women. The problem of moving the patchouli in men is more on the left side and in women it is more on the right side.

આ પણ જુઓ :

Whether the navel has moved or not can also be detected with the help of our feet. That's why sleeping on your back, bend both legs at a 10 degree angle. By doing this, even if there is a gap in the length of both your legs, i.e. one leg is bigger than the other leg, then the navel has definitely come to its place.

Now slowly lift the left leg up to fix the navel when confirmed. Slowly raise these legs upwards for a few inches, bring them down slowly after reaching a height of about 3 inches. Take a deep breath. The same action has to be done on an empty stomach in the morning and evening, this brings the navel back to its place.

Apply a few drops of mustard oil in the navel on an empty stomach continuously for 3-4 days in the morning. This will cause the navel to slowly begin to move. Grind dry amla, mix lemon juice in it, tie it around the navel and put the patient to sleep on the ground for 2 hours. Doing this twice a day will bring the navel back to its place.

આ પણ જુઓ :

Take a quilt on the ground. Take a children's toy ball. Keep the needle upside down and in the middle of the navel. Sleep like this for five minutes. The removed navel will become the same. Then slowly turn around and stand up.

Lie down on your hips and touch your toes. For this, while lying down, bend the left leg at the knee, hold the leg with the hand and bring the leg up to the mouth. Lift the head and try to apply the toe to the nose. Just like a small child puts his toe in wax. Sometimes stay in this asana then do the same with the other leg. Then practice doing the same with both feet. After working 2-3 times, the navel will become the same.

Grind 10 gms of anise and mix 50 gms of jaggery in it and eat it on an empty stomach in the morning. After consuming it for 2-3 days, the navel will come in its place. You can also do abdominal asanas to bring the pissotti into their place. This makes the pistachio heal faster.

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Some people get diarrhea after the navel is removed. In this case, mix one teaspoon of tea leaf in a glass of water, boil it and strain it and drink fresh tea. This will reduce the pain and the navel will come into place.

Pain can also be relieved by massaging the pichoti. But this massage is not like a normal massage. But it has to be done by an expert. Avoid lifting heavy objects while you have this type of problem. Otherwise your problem may increase.

The use of Amla is considered to be the best for Psotti. For this, make a dry Amla flour on all four sides of the navel by getting the diseases to sleep and tie the Amla juice in it and keep it asleep for two hours. Doing this experiment two to three times a day will bring the navel back to its place.

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