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4 November 2021

100% effective treatment for acute inflammation and urticaria without medication

100% effective treatment for acute inflammation and urticaria without medication

Many people experience severe inflammation while urinating as well as bleeding in the urine. There is a tingling sensation in the penis or vagina when urinating. Which causes a lot of pain. This is a very serious problem, which we call Unwa in Gujarati.

In this disease the person feels like urinating but does not pass urine at the time of urination. Children also have this problem, when children have fever, vomiting, loss of appetite, at this time many people also feel dizzy and faint.

The disease is caused by a bacterial infection, drinking less water, exposure to more sunlight. This disease should be treated in time, otherwise it can cause diseases associated with urine as well as reproductive organs and also damage the organs, we tell about the treatment of this disease in this article.

Cardamom is very useful for urinary tract diseases. Cardamom consumption can cure urinary tract diseases. Take a bowl of 5 to 7 cardamom seeds and mix it with half a teaspoon of ginger powder. Mix pomegranate juice and cinnamon salt in it and mix it in hot water and drink it to get rid of burning sensation in the urine.

Coconut water is very beneficial for stomach and urinary tract diseases, while coconut water is useful as a medicinal medicine in case of urinary tract infection or any problem. Drinking coconut water relieves the inflammation that occurs during urination. It also works to cool the stomach. At the same time, burning sensation, urination and inflammation in the urine disappears.

Consumption of citrus fruits is useful in diseases associated with the urinary tract. In problems like urinary incontinence and inflammation, sour citrus destroys urinary tract infections due to its vitamin C and antioxidant properties. Which also destroys bacteria. So that the burning, itching and inflammation in the urine disappears.

Rice is very useful in urinary problems. It is very beneficial in inflammation associated with urination and urinary incontinence. Mix sugar in half a glass of rice water and drink it. It eliminates irritation, nausea and inflammation in the urine that occurs during urination.

Almonds are an infectious herb. It has medicinal properties that can be used to treat infections. To use almonds in this way, add 5 to 7 almonds, small cardamom and sugarcane in a bowl or sugar. It relieves pain as well as burning, tingling and inflammation in the urine.

Amla is full of many medicinal properties. Amla is used for immunity and in making triphala powder. The sour nature of amla is useful in many diseases associated with urine. After mixing two to three cardamom seeds in a teaspoon of amla powder, the burning sensation in the urine disappears with water. It is very useful in urinary tract infections.

આ પણ વાંચો : 

કમરના દુઃખાવા થી પીડાતા લોકો માટે ઘરેલું ઉપચાર જાણો અહીંથી

Wheat has many medicinal properties. Wheat plants and wheat grains are also useful in many ways. Soak a handful of wheat in water at night in this urinary tract disease. In the morning, strain this water and mix it with sweets and eat it. This experiment provides relief for the treatment of urinary tract infections.

Sandalwood is very useful in urinary problems. Mix half a teaspoon of sandal powder in one teaspoon of water and drink it. So that the burning, itching and inflammation in the urine disappears. This is an experiment that has been used by people for a long time.

Ginger has anti-infection properties. Ginger has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Due to which it has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. For this remedy, take a fine bowl of bacteria and black sesame seeds. Mix a quarter of turmeric and a little water to make a paste. Licking this paste 2 to 3 times a day eliminates urinary tract infections, urinary irritation, nausea and inflammation.

આ પણ વાંચો :
તમારે તમારું વજન ઘટાડવું હોય તો વાંચો આ ઉપચાર

Cranberry berry juice is useful for eliminating urinary tract infections. Consumption of cranberry juice eliminates irritation, urination and inflammation in the urine. Drinking this juice increases blood flow. As well as purifying the blood. So the problem associated with blood also eliminates the problem of bleeding in the urine.

Apple cider vinegar is a very useful herb. Called apple cider vinegar. Drinking two teaspoons and one teaspoon of this vinegar in a glass of warm water relieves irritation, urination and inflammation in the urine. This is a very effective cure. These medicinal properties of apples have the advantage of preventing infections.

Pineapple cures urinary incontinence and itching as well as urinary incontinence. Eating pineapple fruit or juice helps kill bacteria. This relieves urinary problems and eliminates irritation, urination and inflammation in the urine.

Both yogurt and curd are sour in nature. So it is useful in urinary problems as well as other problems. Yogurt has been used medicinally for years. Eating yogurt and buttermilk destroys harmful bacteria from the body. So that the burning, itching and inflammation in the urine disappears.

આ પણ વાંચો : 

Cucumbers also have urinary problems. Cucumbers in particular are rich in water. Which is why it fixes digestion. Cucumbers contain an alkaline element, which can cure urinary tract problems. So eating cucumber eliminates irritation, urination and inflammation in the urine.

Cloves are curative for many diseases. Including urinary tract infections. Clove has medicinal properties ranging from weight loss to viral infections, killing bacteria, parasites. Consumption of cloves whole in hot water eliminates irritation, urination and inflammation in the urinary tract.

Dip one teaspoon of coriander in one teaspoon of water, soak it at night and strain it in the morning, then add sugar or jaggery to it and drink it. Eating watermelon also eliminates irritation, urination and inflammation in the urine. Watermelon has plenty of water and antiseptic elements.

Pomegranate juice soothes inflammation in the urine. Older people have a problem with frequent urination and dates are very useful in this problem. Eating milk at night after eating kharak eliminates irritation, urination and inflammation in the urine.

Apart from this, drinking half a teaspoon of baking soda and a glass of water mixed together and regular consumption of sour fruits cures urinary diseases. Mixing one teaspoon of cumin and one teaspoon of sugarcane with a bowl and then taking one teaspoon at a time two to three times a day and drinking its water from above is very beneficial.

Thus, it is very useful for relieving the problem of inflammation and urination in the urine. These remedies are done by herbs so there are no additional side effects in the body and get rid of urinary problems. Hope this information is very useful for you.


The tips, ayurveda and natural methods, fitness tips and exercises given on this website work according to the impression of each person. One should not assume that the gain or loss of one person will be the same for all. Any experiment should be done only after meeting or asking your doctor. Most such experiments are flawless. Also, sometimes there may be problems depending on the effect.

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