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2 October 2021

Gujarati Grammar Book PDF Download | Bhasha Gaurav By Govt Of Gujarat

Gujarati Grammar Book PDF Download | Bhasha Gaurav By Govt Of Gujarat

This is the story of an elderly couple. Both are 65 plus in age. Son and daughter-in-law do not care. Don't ask your parents even once a day. There is an atmosphere of tension in the house. The couple has a daughter who is married. The daughter and son-in-law are upset to see the condition of the parents. Both of them have told their parents many times to come and stay with us.

We will take care of you. Although both are tired of talking, the parents are not willing to go to their daughter's house. They say, is anything going to stay a little at the daughter's house? We don't even drink water from our daughter's house. If we eat our daughter, we will go to hell! You too may have seen such events around you.In this case he still had a son. There are many cases in which parents have only one or two daughters. After the daughter gets married and goes to the father-in-law, the parents live alone. The daughter is constantly worried about the health of her parents. If the parents are sick, their lives are cut short. Even if the daughter gets tired of doing kalavala, the parents are not ready to go and live with her. Our social customs and traditions are so strange that the brain does not work. If a parent lives with his daughter, there is no shortage of sorcerers in the society. What kind of parents are there Eat daughter's house!

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In our country, the question of parental care is increasing. One of the reasons we are there for our son's love is that he keeps it in his throat. Even at a slower pace, there is a slight improvement now that parents do not discriminate between sons and daughters. Raising children is a big responsibility nowadays. Young couples are now thinking that whether it is a son or a daughter, we have to bring only one child into the world. Even so, sometimes the thought comes to mind that what will happen after the daughter-in-law leaves? We will be left alone. In many cases, we also find that when a daughter chooses a mate, she chooses to take care of both parents.

There are also cases in the society where a parent has duly complained against the son that the son does not take care of us. Does not provide sustenance. Ever heard of a complaint that a daughter doesn't care for us? Our country's Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act 2007 is about to be amended. According to the law, not only the son and daughter-in-law but also the daughter and son-in-law have to take care of the parents. This means that now everyone has to take care of their parents and in-laws as well. A six-month sentence has also been provided for non-compliance. Not everything works according to the law. As the law changes, so does the mindset.

We have a law that the daughter has the same right to the property of the parents as the son. In very few cases this law is obeyed. Still, parents do not give half of their will to their son and daughter. Neither the daughter nor the son-in-law makes any headway about this. When it comes to property law, the question arises that if the daughter is considered a partner in the property, why not a partner in liability? The sacrament is carried forward only in case we save the parents there. With a few exceptions, most young people take care of their parents. In some cases, the parents make such a provision for themselves that they never have to reach out to their son. Not every case is different.

Emotions are another factor in the care of parents. Just giving money does not end the matter. The life of a parent needs emotion and warmth. The law can provide financial support, but what about mental needs, support and consolation? The children have to understand it in their own way. It still doesn't matter as long as both the parents are alone, but the situation gets worse when one of the parents leaves early. Loneliness eats away at Cory. Some people's sons live abroad. Even if the parents are in the country, have a nice fun bungalow-car, even if there are servants, they are still in the memory of their children.

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