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7 October 2021

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Download NewsBreak Android Application

Our commitment to sustainability is not only about food production but also about our values, the way we live and the way we work. For us, sustainability is not about what we can grow, it’s about how we grow. We are focused on the soil and the water, and we use only organic, high quality and sustainable agricultural products and techniques.

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We believe that the farming system should be one that can be changed or improved on every year. We believe that we should be focused on our own individual farm as well as the farmers around us.

We also believe that our own farms should be small and run by a family that has a good sense of self-sufficiency. We believe that we should also have a good sense of ownership over our farms.

The sustainable farm was established in 2004. We believe that the key to sustainable farming is not just to reduce the amount of water required to grow food, but to also reduce the amount of water used to transport food and the amount of water used in the production process itself.

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We believe that we can improve our food and agricultural systems to benefit both the people and the environment.

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