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20 October 2021

Don’t worry if you don’t have money to study in GPSC or abroad, Gujarat government is giving help, apply this way

Don’t worry if you don’t have money to study in GPSC or abroad, Gujarat government is giving help, apply this way

If your family also falls into the unprotected category then most of the schemes created by the government of Gujarat for your children’s education, read this report to know how to use these programs
The Gujarat government runs special schemes for the unsaved classes. With the help of these programs you can get help to study for government examination exams or exams such as NEET, GUJCET and study loans abroad.

To assist the unprotected section, the Gujarat government had established a separate commission in 2017 working on various programs of the unrestricted section. If you are in the unrestricted phase then there are many career plans for you to use. In order to receive the benefits of any unrestricted category program, a person must have a reserved category certificate, so first let us know how to get this certificate.

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Unrestricted Category Certificate:

An unspecified class certificate can be obtained from:

Collector, Assistant Collector, Deputy Collector, Regional Development Officer, Deputy District Development Officer, Mamlatdar, Taluka Development Officer, Deputy Regional Director, Regional Social Officer may issue unrestricted category certificates.

What evidence is needed?

What is the applicant’s school leaving certificate?
If a competent official deems it necessary, we may request a document confirming the separation of one of the grandparents, father, uncle, foi.
Proof of Residence: Light Bill, Phone Bill, Selection Card, Aadhaar Card, Balance Card
Two passport-size photographs

Vulnerable Economic Certificate (EWS)

Nationwide, including Gujarat, a 10 percent reserve is provided for those who return economically to castes other than SC, ST, SEBR / OBC.

A person whose total income for his or her family is less than eight lakh for all sources of family income can earn an average profit of 10 percent. The Federal Government and the Federal Government issued two separate certificates for the acquisition of the park. Various certificates are required for the Central Government program or work and the State Government program or function.

Gujarat Government Scheme List of Unrestricted Government:

Educational Curriculum
Government-run medical, dental, undergraduate undergraduate courses, vocational training, engineering, technology, pharmacy, architecture, ayurvedic, homeopathy, physiotherapy, veterinary, etc. With the exception of BAC, BA etc.) Rs.10.00 lakh any minimum that the company will offer at a simple interest rate of 5%.

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External Study Loans
Foreign Study Loan Corporation for a total of Rs.12.00 lakhs for students who are not only awarded MBBS classes after Std-12, post-diploma degree, post-graduate post-graduate, and higher studies abroad in any type of research such as technology, emergencies, technology etc. It will be provided by.

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Food Debt Assistance

Non-residential students studying undergraduate medical, dental, technical, and non-governmental studies in non-government / non-government hostels will be entitled to a food allowance (direct DBT assistance) at a rate of Rs. 1500 / – per month for 10 months.

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Training Assistance / Academic Assistance
Students of the unrestricted class who obtained 90% in Std-10 and study in St-11, Std.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

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Training Assistance JEE, GUJCET, NEET Exam
Unused students of Std-12 medical science Std-12 class, engineering entry exams such as GEE, GUJCET, NEET, training preparation, 90% students in Std-10 for three years or so then training assistance (direct assistance with DBT) will be provided through training at more experienced institutions Rs. 50,000 per student per year or real money or whatever.

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Training assistance in competitive testing
Students of the reserved class will be awarded the UPSC, GPSC Class-I, Class-II and Class-III, Second Service Selection Board, Panchayat Service Selection Board and the Indian Railways Government, Trainers studying at accredited / selected employment testing centers.

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Self-employment programs
Onroad unit costs for self-driving vehicles such as rickshaws, rickshaw loaders, Maruti Eco, jeep-taxis etc.
In any private business such as a grocery store, medical store, ready-made clothing store, bookstore etc.

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