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27 October 2021

arthritis responsible for joint painLearn more about

arthritis responsible for joint pain Learn more about

arthritis responsible for joint pain Learn more about

arthritis responsible for joint pain

Learn more about arthritis responsible for joint pain

વિડીયો જોવા માટે જે તે ફોટા પર ક્લિક કરતાં વીડિયો શરૂ થશે.

What is arthritis?

Arthritis is pain or swelling of the joints. There are many types of arthritis. There are three main types.

The most common problem today is with knee pain. Everywhere people are seen these days talking about the pain of the bell. According to a survey, 60% of people in India complain of knee pain after the age of 44. Difficulty in sitting and standing, difficulty in straightening the legs and knees in sleep are very common in this pain....

1. Age-related wear and tear:

With age, wear and tear causes joint pain. This problem is more common in the knee, hip and waist joints.
Arthritis: This is an autoimmune disease that affects different joints.

Arthritis: An increase in the amount of certain elements in the body which causes pain and swelling in the joints.

As a result of wear and tear, the marrow that surrounds the bone begins to fill with water, forming small cracks and osteophytes on the surface of the bone. This causes difficulty in movement of the joints. Often a small portion of the marrow gets inside the joint and causes more pain. As the wear and tear of the marrow increases, the joints become smaller and the wear and tear reaches the bone-bone surface, the surface does not turn and the foot does not turn.

Symptoms of the disease

Swelling on the knees, pain, inability to bend the legs, decreased mobility, noise in the joints during movement, shortening of one leg.

With timely diagnosis and treatment, joint wear stops progressing and pain / swelling is reduced.

(1) Conservative treatment Medications, exercise, proper diet

(2) Operation

If the pain persists even after medication / exercise
If the pain is unbearable
Can't sleep at night
Having trouble walking from a daily activity such as standing up
Total replacement

This is an operation in which a part of the damaged joint is removed and replaced with a metal-plastic joint. These prosthetic joints can move like natural joints.

Knee joints have three parts
The lower part of the hip bone
The upper part of the tube bone

This operation involves removing the damaged surfaces of both bones and, if necessary, removing the back surface of the lid, after which artificial joints are inserted.
Benefits from the operation

The pain goes away
The movement of the joints can be challenged by movement
A curved or shortened leg is straightened
All the activities that could not be done before can be done




employ tin be in progress from the second day after the act and load know how to be put on the feet and on foot be capable of be done, each day actions preserve regard place.
Osteoarthritis (knee pain)

Knee anguish is a category of grind that mostly occurs in the protect under the bone with age. With age, the two bones start to contract nearer to every other. This causes growth and stringency between them. appropriate to which tribulations get up in day after day life.

This font of knee disease commonly starts after 6 days in women and 20 living in men. And with age, this be dressed in and tear increases.

Causes of knee wear, tear, pain

The leading right mind is age. As a ego gets older, the muscles around his knee joints catch weaker with age. Which causes the beginning of pain. The dedication is that the adult a qualities gets, the minus probable he or she is to shake off weight. Weakness in the knee If we empathize the depth, near are largely three bones in the knee.

This involves the femur, tibia, and patella. The hole between the two bones, the tibia and the femur, is reduced. Which is called knee wear. That is why it is believed that practically entirely natives knowledge a drop in that breathing space with age. This channel that the breathing space between the two bones (in the knee) is abridged and the friction and tear is to a certain extent habitual (normal) and likely (natural process). But in today's society, nearby is a untrue implication of alarm amid the nation that you feeling shabby out. Knee / knee wear away and noise? Looks like two bones are colliding with both other? even as loads of gear from above are somewhat a real process.

There is no could do with to be scared of it. As the eyesight deteriorates in the body, examination in the ears decreases, wrinkles perform in the skin, and muscles suit weaker, the freedom between the two bones of the knee decreases. Which everybody sees happening. If nearby is a lack of area and you come into contact with pest with it, nurture be supposed to be full to reduce speed down the process.

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