(1) Expenditure incurred under this sanction shall be subject to the budgetary provision of that year and within the limits of the grant allotted from time to time by the Finance Department. 
(2) Subject to the existing rules for the present work, adequate budgetary provision shall be made in the current and next financial year. 
(3) Expenditure in this regard shall be made in the prescribed manner as per the provisions of the permanent as well as from time to time applicable resolutions / circulars and rules of the State Government. 
(4) The principles of financial fairness shall apply to the costs incurred in making this sanction. 
(5) The grant allotted under this sanction may not be used for any other purpose. The remaining amount will have to be surrendered by the end of the year. 
(6) The conditions prescribed under the scheme shall be strictly followed. 
(7) If any change is to be made in the norms of the existing scheme and the amount of assistance, orders of the State Government shall be obtained in this regard. 
(8) GST as well as service charge will have to be paid separately. 
(9) This scheme shall be implemented from 01/02/2001. :: Expenditure in this regard will be borne by the following budget head.

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Request No. 108 Main Head 2 Nutrition Sub Main Head 05 Nutrition Deficit and Distribution of Drinks 500 Other Expenses 12 Mission Balum Sukham:: Secondary Head Sub Head Are issued accordingly.