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26 June 2021

STD- 10 & 12 Results can not be viewed online

STD- 10 & 12 Results can not be viewed online

The board Exam of Std. 10 and 12 have not been held for the current year so the understudy doesn't have his own seat number. As he doesn't have the seat number, the understudy can't see his outcome online this year, however the understudy will get the outcome just through the school. 

After the board assessment of Std. 10-12, the outcome is reported online by the board where the understudy can see the outcome online from the seat number of his assessment however since the assessment was not held for this present year, the understudy doesn't have the seat number. The outcome won't be reported on the web and the understudy won't see his outcome on the web. 

The consequences of its understudies will be given to the school on the web and the school will get the aftereffects of its Std. 10-12 understudies from its login ID and offer it to the understudies. After the outcome is reported online by the board, the school will get the outcome and the understudy should go to his school and see the outcome. Nonetheless, this year the consequence of the board is just for the name. Has given. 

A state level significant level board has been established by the public authority on the issue of disarray and rules of legitimacy for affirmation in specialized and proficient courses including designing drug store after Std. A 11-part board of trustees has been framed under the chairmanship of the GTU Chancellor. The report will be given over to the public authority alongside the necessary capabilities, ideas remembering changes for the guidelines. 

The public authority had examined with the authorities of different divisions of the training office to talk about the issues remembering legitimacy and rules for confirmation just as the affirmation interaction and from that point forward a 11-part advisory group has been comprised today. The advisory group will be led by Navin Seth just as Chancellor of Gujarat Uni, Chancellor of GLS Uni, Technical Education Expert and previous Chancellor of Gujarat Uni MN Patel, Chairman of Gujarat Education Board, Commissioner of Higher Education, Commissioner of Technical Education, Self Finance Technical. Janak Khandwala, Chairman, College Association, Kamlesh Joshipura, Member, Technical Fee Regulation Committee and Joint Director, Office of Technical Education. While the Member Secretary of the Technical Courses Admission Committee-ACPC is the Member Secretary in this Committee.

The committee will discuss the issue including changes in the required qualifications and rules and submit a detailed report with suggestions to the government. Based on this report, the state government will change the rules for admission to technical education for the year 2021-22 and on the basis of which the admission process will take place this year. Necessary changes have also been made in the qualifications by AICT for admission in technical courses after the cancellation of Std. 10 and 12 board examinations and now the state government is also considering to change the rules based on the mass promotion-formula based result without examination. The marks-grading has also been discussed in the marksheets of the board. The government has formed a special high-level committee to ensure that the students of that group do not suffer any loss in merit this year as a result of Std.10 and Std 12.

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