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1 May 2021

What is tickle my phone app and how it's use ?

Tickle My Phone is a revolutionary next-generation application for Android phones that allows you to remotely control your Android phone via text messages.

In other words
Ticklephone is an app that lets you remotely control your Android smartphone using text messaging. With this app, you can do all kinds of actions by sending text messages from other smartphones

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How to TickleMyPhone Works ?

Once you have installed this app in your mobile, you can send an SMS from any normal mobile with a specific set of keywords in the SMS body, the application will execute the related action. For example, send an SMS with the text "Call me" from any normal mobile on an Android phone installed in Tickle My Phone. He will call you back.

This app record  20 seconds Live video and send as an attachment.
Use for special reminder . means work like alarm
You can send replay for your message like Thank You
TickleMyPhone also take a special photoes
Also send that photoes in email automatically
You lost your phone ? Don't worry TickleMyPhone helps to find your mobile.
- Also give sim change notification

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Minimum Requirements of installing TickleMyPhone App

  • minimum android version 6 or higher
    - Ability to make call ansend sms and mails
    - You need to connect GPS
    - Device also support take photoes and videos
    - Support SD card
    - Also to use Calendar for events.

        Download Tickle my Phone App

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