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19 May 2021

Kids University is fully compatible and customized for phones and tablets.

Kids University is fully compatible and customized for phones and tablets.

Kids University Lite version contains all games, but not all puzzles, stages and degrees of difficulty.

Kids University contains 16 games:

1. Connect the dots

2. Memory

3. Associations

4. Recognize the sound

5. Play the xylophone

6. Shapes match

7. Alphabet

8. Counting

9. Adding

10. Subtracting

11. Bouncing numbered balls

12. Visual processing - find the sequence

13. Match math sign

14. Logic - count bricks in 3d space

15. Calculator

16. Memory cards - remember order in which they appeared.

DAY:-1 (21/5/2021)

Detailed explanation of each game:

1. Connect the dots: The child will learn to identify numbers. When the child succeeds in connecting all the dots a beautiful image is reveled. If the game is a little too hard, there is also a play button, which shows the next dot that needs to be taped.

2. Memory: The child will reveal two images at a time to find a match. This game has four different categories: Fruits, Vegetables, Animals and Numbers. You can also control the degree of difficulty: 2 pairs, 4 pairs, 6 pairs or 10 pairs.

3. Association: The child will learn to associate two items. For example, a flower and a butterfly.

DAY:-2 (22/5/2021)

4. Recognize the sound: The child will listen to a sound and pick the animal that makes that sound.

5. Play the xylophone: The child will tap the screen and play the xylophone.

6. Shapes match: The child will drag an image of the item and drop it on its silhouette. This game contains 3 categories: Animals, Fruits and Vegetables.

7. Alphabet: The child will have to pick the image that starts with the letter shown. Each alphabet letter has several images associated to it.

8. Counting: The child will learn to count. Difficulty can be set to < 5, < 10 or < 20. It's possible to click on the balloons and hear a woman's voice reading the balloon number.

Kids University summer camp in your own mobile

DAY:-3 (23/5/2021)

9-10. Adding and Subtracting: Simple Arithmetic skills using visual aids. Difficulty can be set to < 5, < 10 or < 20.

11. Tap the bouncing balls, from lowest value to highest value.


Over 5,000+ educational games, videos, and printables developed by experts in early education:

Kids University summer camp in your own mobile

DAY:-4 (24/5/2021)

* Math, writing, phonics and reading games 


* Animated flashcards, puzzles and mazes

* Topic-related educational videos


The app provides step-by-step learning pathway that lets toddlers develop early skills by moving from elementary concepts to more complex attributes. Kids will start with learning abc, tracing letters and numbers and will gradually move to tasks that require deeper visual, fine motor and problem-solving skills.

Kids University summer camp in your own mobile
DAY:-5 (25/5/2021)

All learning games for kids  are divided into age groups and can be played as a consistent Learning Path.


At the core of this early learning app lies vast expertise of acclaimed child psychologists and educators. Based on rock-solid approaches to preschool education, such as Montessori and Singapore Math, all the activities help to crank up kids’ innate thirst for knowledge and let them experience learning as an exciting process of discovery.

Kids University summer camp in your own mobile


* Two types of content presentation: across age groups and as a Learning Pathway

* A rich, exploratory environment filled with surprises

* Effective motivation and rewards system

* Fancy animated cartoon characters and objects from the child’s world

* Easy-to-follow professionally voiced hints

All our games are designed with love with beautiful graphics and sounds. We focus on getting the child involved and strive to get the perfect balance between fun and education.

Award-winning content

Clever Kids University presents games and eBooks that have been recognized with awards from the Association of American Publishers and National Parenting Publications among other prestigious recognition.

Memorable and Fun Phonics

Clever Kids University: I Can Read presents Mega Mouth Decoder books and songs that introduce fun and memorable characters designed to help students hear and pronounce the 44 sounds in the English language. Each character’s name, story, and personality emphasize the target sound in an unforgettable way. 

Kids University summer camp in your own mobile

Decodable Leveled Readers 

Students immediately apply new phonics skills each week as they record themselves reading a book about Sam and his friends in Clever Kids University: I Can Read.

Register to join the free summer camp via the following link:

Balanced Literacy That Emphasizes Writing 

Because young students need to write in order to learn to read, students make pictures and write about the books they are reading in Clever Kids University: I Can Read. They can even create, publish, and email their own variations of books. 


DAY:-1 (21/5/2021)

DAY:-2 (22/5/2021)

DAY:-3 (23/5/2021)

DAY:-4 (24/5/2021)

STEM Reading and Writing 

In addition to phonics, high-interest STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) books are presented each week to build background knowledge, comprehension, and vocabulary in Clever Kids University: I Can Read.

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