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22 May 2021

Epidemic / Fear of knocking out the third wave in the country: 341 children in this state are positive about corona

Epidemic / Fear of knocking out the third wave in the country: 341 children in this state are positive about corona

In Daus, Rajasthan, 341 children have tested positive for corona.

Fear from the third wave of Corona in Daus, Rajasthan

341 children in Dosa corona positive

All children with coronary heart disease are aged 0 to 18 years

Fortunately not a single child is serious

The care of Corona's second wave has not yet subsided. There is a commotion with the knock of the third wave.

Corona report of 341 children in Rajasthan's Doso has come positive. All of these children range in age from 0 to 18 years. Between May 1 and May 21 in Dosa, 341 children were found to be infected with corona. The Dosa District Collector said that the corona report of 341 children has come positive. But there is no seriousness in it. The district hospital is currently on alert for the possibility of a third wave of covid.

The virus came from animals to humans

A long time ago 8 children fell ill in Malaysia, these children got pneumonia. When their samples were tested at the hospital, it was revealed that they had two new corona viruses. Which caused them to fall victim to the transition. The virus is found in dogs. This information has come across in a report. Before the advent of corona, people only knew about seven types of viruses. So now that the new corona virus has come out of these animals it has come to humans. The incident is long overdue but can still be dangerous for people.

Corona virus names CANINELIKE and FELINE

Many experts are doing research on it. It is still known that corona viruses can pass from one species to another. The names of these corona viruses are CANINELIKE and FELINE. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Many other scientists believe that the virus has the ability to mutate in humans and any other organism. It also has the potential to enhance itself. Four corona viruses were found in one patient in Malaysia. Of these, two viruses are found only in cooters. Cats and pigs also have the third and fourth viruses, respectively. These four types of viruses were found in this patient.

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Source: Vtv News

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