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17 May 2021

Doesn't sleep come from a busy routine and stress? Do these 10 yogasanas every day and get a good night’s sleep

Doesn't sleep come from a busy routine and stress? Do these 10 yogasanas every day and get a good night’s sleep

One study found that 37% of people in China suffer from insomnia

Avoid strenuous exercise before going to bed

In today's busy schedule, it is very important for every man to get a good night's sleep. But we can't get good and healthy sleep because of running every day. The number of people suffering from insomnia is increasing in the world. A June study by Sleep Medicine found that 37% of people in China suffer from insomnia. Many studies have found that exercising can reduce sleep time. Waking up late at night can also be avoided. Sleep time can also be increased through exercise.

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However, experts believe that one should avoid doing exercises that require more strength before going to sleep. Stretching and yoga increase the quality of sleep. It gives us good and deep sleep.

With these 10 exercises and yoga we can feel calm and stress free before going to bed.

1. Gomukhasan

In this asana, keep the waist high, turn the throat and take deep breaths. Doing so will bring peace of mind and body. Come to the position of table top on the floor. Bring the hands under the shoulders and keep the knees below the hips. Inhale, bring the waist down and the chest forward. This asana reduces stress.

2. Balasan

First let the carpet or mat bed in clean air. Sit in Vajrasana posture with your feet facing the sun. Then raise both your hands while inhaling, while bending forward while exhaling. Do this exercise until your palm touches the ground.

3. Needle-thread asana

By doing this asana we can get rid of shoulder fatigue and body aches. For this, first come to the table position and bring the wrists below the knees and shoulders. Inhale and move your right hand upwards and then try to move your face away from your body. Exhale and bring the right hand under the chest, supporting the shoulders to the ground. Move the right palm upwards and try to bring the right cheek to the ground. Place the left palm on the ground and hold the breath for 5 times.

4. Anjane Asana

This exercise seems to open the leg muscles. Move your left leg backwards, bringing the knee forward with the other leg. Pull out the toes. Move your pelvis down, then lift your shoulders up and bend your upper body backwards and make an arch ((which looks like a crescent).

5. Massage the neck with the ball

With this technique you can get rid of sore throat. It makes a lot of difference in sleep. Put a thin pillow under your head while you are asleep. Make some space between the throat and the snout and then place a ball in it. Try not to get the ball out. Gently shake your neck to the right and left. Straighten the head and try to roll your throat on the ball with the neck down.

6. Beer Hugs and Snow Angle

With these two exercises we can relieve the tension in our chest, waist and shoulders. The problem of standing and sitting can also be reduced. For this, sit on your back and keep two balls between your shoulders, bend your knees and keep your feet on the ground. After doing this keep your head on the ground and inhale and exhale 4 to 5 times in the same position.

7. Kapot Asana (Pigeon Mudra)

The dove seat gives peace to the mind. Doing this asana makes you feel more at work and you can do any work well. For kapot asana (pigeon posture) you can do it first by sitting in Vajrasana or by sitting in Ustasana. While sitting in Vajrasana you take deep breaths and keep both your hands behind the waist and close to the waist. Sit in a sitting position and place both hands on the toes. Then bend your neck backwards and slowly bend your waist backwards. Then try to bring both your hands to the ground behind your feet.

8. Spinal twist

This exercise can stretch the hips and waist. Keep both feet away from each other and then move closer to each other. Try to bring the right knee to the chest. While doing this, hold your breath for as long as you can. Then lower the right knee again and twist the left leg slightly. After doing so, move the gaze to the right and left. Take 5 to 10 deep breaths while doing this.

9. Inverted asana

This seat can be used to get rid of hamstring problems. Lie on your back to do this asana. Keep both arms and legs straight on the ground. Now slowly move both legs upwards and keep the upper body on the ground. Keep both legs 90 degrees high. You can keep a pillow under the hips for comfort. Then close your eyes and stay in this position for at least 5 minutes.

10. Box Breath

This is a very effective technique. It's easy too. Go to bed first for this. 


Lie on your back and keep both your hands on your hips. Close your eyes and take 4 deep breaths through the nose and exhale. Do this process 4 to 5 times.

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