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24 May 2021

Yellow Fungus: This Corona Lines Disease Line, Now Yellow Fungus After Black, White, First Case Reported In This City

Between the Corona Virus infection, the Black Fungus, and the White Fungus annoyed people, and now the Yellow Fungus has entered.

Pawan Tripathi / Ghaziabad: In the midst of Corona Virus infection, Black Fungus and White Fungus annoyed people and now Yellow Fungus has entered. The first case of yellow fungus has been found in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Yellow fungus is said to be even more dangerous than black and white fungus. Its symptom is called Mucor septic (Yellow Fungus).

The first case in Ghaziabad

The patient suffering from yellow fungus is a resident of Ghaziabad. The patient is 34 years old and had previously been infected with corona. He also suffers from diabetes.

Symptoms of yellow fungus

Yellow fungus is a deadly disease. Because it starts internally. Symptoms include lethargy, loss of appetite or no appetite at all, weight loss. As it progresses it becomes fatal. Watering of the wound and possibly slow healing of open wounds and slowing of all wounds have been found to be slow. ENT surgeon Dr Vraj Pal Tyagi's hospital has started treating the patient.

Treatment of yellow fungus

Mukor septics (yellow fungus) are characterized by lethargy, loss of appetite, or loss of appetite at all and weight loss. The doctor advises that this is a serious condition and if you notice any of these symptoms, start treatment. The only cure is amphoteracin b injection. Which is a broad spectrum antifungal.

The cause of yellow fungus is uncleanliness

According to doctors, the cause of the spread of yellow fungus is unhygienic conditions. So keep your home clean. Keeping it clean will help prevent the growth of these bacteria and fungi. Disposal of old food items is very important.

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Humidity levels in the home are also important. Hence it should be measured. Increased humidity can help increase the growth of bacteria and fungi. Appropriate humidity is 30% to 40%. It is easier to reach if there is less moisture than excess moisture. Lowering the moisture in the water tank and having a good immune system can also reduce the chances of it growing.

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