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19 May 2021

Another hurricane in Qatar: Tauktae is not over yet and another low-pressure hurricane started in the Bay of Bengal, will hit Bhubaneswar on the 26th

Another hurricane in Qatar: Tauktae is not over yet and another low-pressure hurricane started in the Bay of Bengal, will hit Bhubaneswar on the 26th

વીન્ડી વેબસાઈટ પ્રમાણે આ લો-પ્રેશર સિસ્ટમ 26મી મેના રોજ ભુવનેશ્વર ત્રાટકશે - Divya Bhaskar

According to the Wendy website, the low-pressure system will strike Bhubaneswar on May 26

Hurricane Tau-te, which started from the Arabian Sea, has shaken many districts of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan. The hurricane reduced casualties but caused millions in economic losses. Tau-te hurricane has yet to reach Rajasthan today. This means that even though Tau-te hurricane has not yet completely calmed down, another low-pressure hurricane is forming in the Bay of Bengal. The hurricane is expected to take effect from May 23 and hit Bhubaneswar, Orissa by May 26, according to the meteorological department.

IMDની આગાહી

IMD forecast

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) senior officer H.R. Another low-pressure system is being set up in the Bay of Bengal this weekend, Biswas said. The effect of this system will be seen from May 23. The IMD department is currently constantly monitoring the newly created low-pressure system. The storm is likely to hit Bhubaneswar, Orissa on May 26. However, no name of the hurricane has been announced yet.

The Tau-te hurricane system formed in the Arabian Sea. On May 16, Tau-te made a strong advance towards Mumbai and on the afternoon of the 17th, its effects began to be felt in Gujarat. In Gujarat, Veraval, Una, Bhavnagar, Mahuva and Ahmedabad were also devastated due to Tau-te hurricane. Tau-te has been heading towards Rajasthan since late evening on the 18th. Heavy to very heavy rains were also witnessed during 17-18 and in many cities of Mumbai and Gujarat.

How does a hurricane become intense?

Energy is needed to keep any tropical storm alive. This energy is usually produced by hot water and steam on the surface of the ocean. At present the sea water is warm up to a depth of 50 meters, which is capable of providing energy to this cyclone. This type of atmosphere is what triggers Tau-te hurricanes.

More heat is released by condensation of water vapor, which also reduces atmospheric pressure. Cyclones form after going through several stages of a low pressure system and its intensity.

VIDEO:યાસ વાવાઝોડાની લેન્ડફોલ પ્રક્રિયા શરૂ, ઓડિશાના ધામરા પોર્ટથી ટકરાયું તોફાન

Generally, tropical cyclones (Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea) blow in the North Indian Ocean region during the pre- and post-monsoon periods. Which mainly results during the months of October and December. Hurricanes affecting Indian beaches mainly blow during the period between May-June and October-November.

Is the Arabian Sea becoming a hurricane hub?

Considering the annual study, an average of 5 hurricanes are formed in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. Out of which 4 cyclones have been generated in the Bay of Bengal and it is more intense and hotter than the Arabian Sea. Hurricanes that form in the Arabian Sea usually pass through the Lakshadweep area and mostly through the west or the west coast of India.

However, a recent study by a meteorologist found that the Arabian Sea is now warming due to global warming.

The number of hurricanes is increasing due to global warming

Is Tau-te hurricane a trend setter?

During the monsoon season (April-June), hurricanes have been blowing in the Arabian Sea for four consecutive years. The number of hurricanes that have blown since 2018 has been recorded as 'severe cyclones' or even more formidable and devastating. If Tau-te hurricane reaches the coast, it could affect various coastal regions of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

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Time line

2018: Mekunu hurricane hits Oman

2019: A hurricane blows in Gujarat.

2020: Maharashtra was hit by a natural storm.

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