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17 April 2021

symptoms of corona; In the second wave new symptoms are coming up from the new strain

Bhaskar Explainer: Abdominal pain, vomiting, joint pain, weakness and loss of appetite are also symptoms of corona; In the second wave new symptoms are coming up from the new strain

The second wave of coronavirus has spread rapidly in India. As many as 1.15 lakh new cases were registered on Tuesday. It is even higher than the peak of the first wave. The peak of the first wave was September 17, when about 97 thousand cases came up. In comparison, the second wave saw 1.03 lakh new cases on April 4 and now 1.15 lakh new cases on April 6. In addition, new symptoms are emerging as a new strain of coronavirus becomes active. Now abdominal pain, vomiting, joint pain, weakness, loss of appetite are also being considered as new symptoms of coronavirus.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), different people are experiencing different symptoms. Most people are suffering from mild to moderate illness and are recovering without being hospitalized. These symptoms usually appear 5-6 days after a person becomes infected with the virus. However, in some cases these symptoms persist for up to 14 days.

Why are Corona cases increasing so fast?

A professor at the Christian Medical College in Vellore, Dr. According to Gagandeep Kang, every virus mutates and comes up with new variants. This is also happening in coronaviruses. Some strains like UK and Brazil are severe and spread quickly.

According to the Government of India, dangerous variants of the Corona have been found in 18 states of the country at this time. It also includes double mutant strains found in Maharashtra. In the cases that have come up in Maharashtra, the virus has changed in two places. This has increased its transmission capacity.

According to experts, people's behavior has also changed. They feel that coronavirus is no longer dangerous, so the use of masks, social distinguishing and sanitizers has decreased. It is an important contributor to new cases of the virus.

How did the new feature come up?

According to a study conducted on new cases in India, the symptoms are also changing due to changing strains. Corona symptoms are no longer just fever, fatigue or a cold cough, taste and smell. According to a media report, doctors in Gujarat have noticed new symptoms.

According to this report, the variants of Brazil and Kent are more powerful and due to this new types of features are coming up. They are also attacking major organs. According to research conducted in Indian hospitals, new symptoms have been found in patients who tested positive for the virus.

New symptoms include abdominal pain, nausea, muscle aches with vomiting and colds, gastrointestinal problems, weakness and loss of appetite. Even if the doctor tests for a common symptom such as fever and cough, they are still getting coronavirus positive. Earlier, in the UK and other European countries, the second and third waves of infection showed symptoms other than fever or cough, unusual signs.

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Conjunctivitis is also a symptom of covid-19 infection, according to a study conducted in China. The new strain can cause redness, swelling and watering of the eyes. According to a report published last week in the International Journal of Audiology, the infection is impairing the ability to hear. According to the study, 7.6% of infected people's hearing is affected.

Excessive weakness and fatigue are considered to be the early symptoms of coronary infection. It can be caused by cytokines, which appear in the immune system as a reaction to any type of infection in the body. When your body fights the infection you will feel that someone has taken away all the energy from your body.

What is a gastrointestinal symptom?

According to doctors, many types of gastrointestinal problems are also occurring. Its number is higher than before. Earlier these symptoms did not appear, but now in most cases these symptoms are appearing. According to doctors, the new strain of the virus is affecting the digestive system and is causing symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting.

As the load of the virus increases in the body, it also damages other organs. In such cases, doctors advise not to be careless. Getting tested for any symptoms and timely treatment to prevent the virus load from increasing.

Is the infection becoming more deadly?

Most new cases have no symptoms at all. Some have mild to moderate symptoms. But as the virus changes, so does the severity of the infection. For people who have any kind of serious illness, this infection can prove fatal and it is causing congestion in the hospital. Hospitals in major cities like Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh do not have space for new patients.

Is there any benefit to vaccination?

Yes. It has many advantages. Vaccine experts claim that a new strain of corona could infect an antibody made from both vaccines (covacin and covishield) available in India. But even then the possibility of infection cannot be ruled out. If the vaccine is given, it will prevent the infection from reaching a serious stage and prevent death.

Because of this, the government has also started vaccinating all people in the age group of 45 years from April 1. Previously, 90% of deaths due to corona infections were in this age group. While doctors also say that, whether vaccinated or not, people should not underestimate the use of social distants, masks and sanitizers.

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