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8 April 2021



With a happy ending to the 4200 grade pay, all teachers need to know that the one who has struggled the most for this is the National Federation of Education Gujarat and its special president Shri Bhikhabhai Patel and General Secretary Ratubhai Gol and all the other teams. Two consecutive days i.e. Ta. On 08.12.2020 Patan and Ta. If the teachers of Gandhinagar district have been arrested on 09.12.2020 while going to do gharana, then salute to the teachers of these two districts also. At the same time, it is difficult to take note of the number of teacher friends who have started agitation through social media.

Like Netaji, there are many attempts to prove that he has done the same by playing politics and making an illiterate person of a village an owl. Although teachers understand everything. Be careful not to feel overwhelmed.

The work which can be done by speaking softly, smiling and speaking with love is the work of fools to do it by speaking loudly and shouting. And for the work which can be done only by showing anger, it is the work of the great minds to get really angry.

It is completely insane to use your authority or force to get your say. Love is the weapon with which the whole world can be won. The victory of love is the true victory.

Today, the atmosphere of jealousy, conflict, sorrow and unrest in every house has only one reason and that is lack of love. Fire does not extinguish fire, water extinguishes it. Can even the one who makes the world live with love? Animals and animals also understand the language of love. You love sons, its fragrance never ends.

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