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29 April 2021

Eclipse felt on 18+ vaccinations starting May 1: 7 states declare compulsion, avoiding start of vaccination

Eclipse felt on 18+ vaccinations starting May 1: 7 states declare compulsion, avoiding start of vaccination

Corona virus infection is on the rise in the country

Eclipse felt on 18+ vaccinations starting May 1

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Decision of several states due to shortage of vaccine

With more than 3 lakh cases of corona being reported in the country at a time when corona infection is on the rise, vaccination of people above 18 years of age is being avoided in many states due to shortage of corona vaccine, especially in states like Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. Is determined.

Compulsory states

Increased ban in Maharashtra

Health Minister Tope said the vaccine could not be given to young people from May 1 due to the shortage of coronavirus vaccine. The health minister has also avoided vaccinations, citing lockdown and ban on vaccines.

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Here the government says it is not getting enough stock of vaccines from the center. Therefore, vaccination for youth cannot be started even from May 1. The process that is going on will continue. The Rajasthan government says it has ordered the serum institute for 3.765 crore doses but cannot say when it will be received and the stock from the center is not coming.


Health Minister TM Singh Deo said the vaccine was ordered from Assam. But he said supplies would be available after a month. India Biotech will also provide the vaccine by July. So there was no response from Serum. "If the vaccine is not available, then vaccination cannot take place," Sidhu said. The situation is quite clear. The central government has said that all vaccinations should be started but the vaccine is not available.

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Here the government has hinted at avoiding vaccinations. They currently have a stock of 2.5 lakh vaccines.


With a current stock of 1.5 lakh doses of vaccine, the government has been avoiding vaccinating the youth since May 1.

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The government has signaled to extend the work of vaccines for people above 18 years for a week.

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 Tamil Nadu

The government here says we have written a letter to the PM recommending adequate doses of vaccination. Vaccination of people above 18 years of age will be started only after getting sufficient stock.

The server of covid Platform or Health Bridge app went down

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When online registration for the vaccination of people above 18 years of age started, most of the users were getting the message that the Covin server is having trouble. Please try again later. However the facility was reopened shortly after.

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