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24 April 2021

Charak Samhita & Prathmik Sarvar book in gujarati PDF Free Download

 Charak Samhita book in gujarati PDF Free Download

Here you can download Charak Samhita book in gujarati PDF Free.  Charak Samhita Book or book in Gujarati is given as pdf.  This Book will be Free Download.

Charak Samhita book in gujarati PDF Free Download


Charak Samhita Book Gujarati pdf

Charak Samhita in gujarati PDF Free Download

 First of all find out about this scripture why this Charak Samhita scripture is important.  PDF of this book

 This Charak Samhita is an ancient text of Ayurveda which was written by Acharya Charak.  This treatise was written in Sanskrit language.Gujarati Language also here.


 If we talk about Acharya Charak, he has played an important role in ancient art and Ayurveda.  For which they are world famous.  Acharya Charak is considered to be the father of Ayurveda.

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 Some of the words in the writing of this Charak Samhita Granth are written in Pali language.  The Charak Samhita Granth is divided into 8 parts and contains a total of 120 chapters.

 The Charak Samhita contains all the principles of Ayurveda and what is not in this scripture is not in any other literature.  This book is considered to be the complete book of the principles of Ayurveda

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 Charak Samhita Book Gujarati pdf

 The main 8 sections in Charak Samhita are as follows, as well as the Charak Samhita Book given in PDF below is the first part Gujarati Library free book download

પ્રાથમિક સારવાર માટેની Book અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો.

 Formula location

 Diagnosis location

 Viman location

 Body location

 Sense location

 Medical location

 Aeon location

 Place of achievement

Charak Samhita book in gujarati PDF Free Download



      The book is a tool for looking at the human mind.  The key to cultivating discretion and dexterity is the book.  ‘Knowledge is energy.’ Reading is necessary for the fertility of the mind.  Reading enriches a person.

       Reading a book reveals an appetite for ideas.  Through the book you can get what you want.  You can go anywhere with a book that is synonymous with the energy of knowledge.  Libraries have a lion's share in social development.  Reading a book is important for the development of the society.

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         Libraries as a source of information:

The book collects information on the past and present and prepares plans for the future.  The glorious and glorious history of Gujarat is found in libraries.  Gujarat's well-equipped libraries are rich in information such as books, reference materials, language books, management books, etc.

Charak Samhita book in gujarati PDF Free Download



Libraries do basic work in Gujarat.  Our glorious heritage has been transformed into a literal book and it comes in book libraries.  These books are available in libraries for everyone. 

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