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2 April 2021

Best e-learning online platform where you can learn & earn at the same time.(Digital Class)

Best e-learning online platform where you can learn & earn at the same time. (Digital Class)

Digital Class: Learning App & Marketplace is India’s fastest-growing platform for selling, buying, and learning online courses. 

In today’s advanced technology world, if you didn’t get to learn a course at your institute, you can easily access anything through online learning courses. The purpose of our online learning app is to provide you with the best learning materials as well as a place to sell your skills. If you are a teacher, you can use our online marketplace as the tutoring platform and if you are a student, use this learning app to learn and develop new skills. Digital Class learning app platform is for empowering teachers and students to build a digital community of skilled people worldwide. You get the greatest opportunity of learning and earning at the same time.

How can digital courses help you?

Hassle-free life and saving time, an online learning app platform is the best way. We have created a platform both for teachers and students to make their life easier than before. This teaching & selling app is designed to support the best teachers by providing them with a place to create their own brand name and interact with students more deeply & easily. As a learning app helps students get their most desired courses.

How to use Digital Class: Learning App & Marketplace

Install the Digital Class app from the play store for free and create the type of account you need. If you are a student, create a student account to access courses, and if a teacher, create a teacher account to sell your courses on Digital Class App. Students will get their personalized learning classes dashboard, including course details, assignments uploaded by their tutors and test papers & results. Teachers can record their courses and add them to sell on this Digital Class learning app. It is easy, fast, swift, & effective.

Key features of Digital Class: 

✔️ Digital Class is One of the biggest marketplaces to sell and buy online courses. Online education has become affordable and convenient for our digital online classes. Access the courses from anywhere.

✔️ Students get all information in their dashboard safely & conveniently.

✔️ On-demand courses online available.

✔️ Expert faculties can sell their best courses or tutorials on this platform.

✔️ Students and teachers can personalize the dashboard’s settings.

✔️ Chatting option for students and course sellers to resolve students’ doubts instantly.

✔️ This free online education app has an attractive and easy user interface.

✔️ Promo Code for students to give discounts.

✔️ Followers and Profile views feature are available.

✔️ Online examination at the end of the session.

✔️ Track results after completion of every module.

✔️ Download Study Materials & all courses are secure and private.

✔️ E-learning is accessible from anywhere.

✔️ Online courses learning app to learn new skills are available.

Digital Class teachable courses are the best for you if you are into skills learning app or online learning apps. We offer digital courses on various categories such as IT & software, spoken English, business management, accounts and finance, dance, music, designing & editing, personal development, medical courses, and many more. Students can also prepare for competitive exams like IIT, Bank Exams, and more on a single platform.

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Distance education has become popular worldwide because of its easy access. Anyone from a professional to a housewife or senior citizen can take learning courses and get the online certification. Self–learning through online study materials has become a great learning procedure accepted by all people.

Digital Class one of the best e-learning platforms brings you affordable courses at your doorstep. Whether you are looking for an SEO learning app, a coding learning app, digital class is the best learning app that offers you an innovative way of smart education.

Learn online & sell your skills using our Digital Class Learning App

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