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9 March 2021

What is the organ of the body which comes before birth and goes away before death?

What is the organ of the body which comes before birth and goes away before death?

Question: 2- Where in the world does most lightning fall from the sky?

Ans: The place called Kago in Africa is covered with clouds all the year round and most of the lightning falls here due to heavy rains and storms.

Question: 3- What is the amount of blood in the body of a newborn baby?

Answer: 270 ML

Question: 4- Who was the first person in the world to invent lipstick?

Ans: Solid lipstick was first invented by the Arab scientist Abulcosis in 9th century AD.

Question: 5- What is the said organ of human body which changes every two months?

Ans: Eyebrows

Question: 6- Which animal's figure is like a slipper?

Answer: Paramecium

Question: 7- Which acid builds up in the muscles causing fatigue?

Answer: Latex acid

Question: 8- Why there is no corrosion on the railway tracks?

Ans: Due to constant friction

Question: 9- How many eyes does a worm have?

Answer: None.

Question: 10- What is the creature that can eat pebbles and stones when it is hungry?

Answer: Ostrich

Question: 11- Which substance does not contain protein?

Answer: Rice

Question: 12- How many grams does a human brain weigh?

Answer: 1350 gms

Question: 13- Name the flying lizard!

Answer: Draco

Question: 14- What is the food that does not go bad for thousands of years?

Answer: Honey. Bees give honey and it doesn’t go bad for many years. It can be stored and eaten for thousands of years.

Question: 15- What is confectionery called in English?

Ans: Confectioner is called Confectioner in English.

Question: 16- What is petrol called in Hindi?

Ans: Petrol is called Shilataul in Hindi.

Question: 17- How many SIM cards can a man buy on one Aadhaar card?

Ans: As per TRAI rule, earlier anyone could buy 9 SIMs on one Aadhaar card but now the number has been reduced to 18.

Question: 18- What is the speed of a gunshot?

Ans: The average bullet speed of a gun is 2500 feet per second. At about 1700 miles per hour.

Question: 19- Which planet has the largest moon?

Ans: Jupiter is the planet with the largest number of moons in the solar system. There were a total of 63 moons on the planet in 2009.

Question: 20- What is the organ of the body which comes before birth and goes away before death?

Ans: Our teeth come before birth and break before death.

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