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8 March 2021

Pariksha pe Charcha Competition - 2021@

Pariksha pe Charcha Competition - 2021@

The dialogue that entirely little individuals are eagerly awaiting is approach just the once again.

Yes, an examination compensation conversation with brief Minister Narendra Modi will be in custody soon.

Forget the stress and panic of the exam and dig up lay out to contract answers to your questions from the train Minister.

Not single students but in addition their parents and teachers will be bright to participate in this common dialogue with the top Minister this time as apiece your demand.

We will not merely dig up guidance or guidance from the top Minister who is our stool pigeon of inspiration but you will moreover be adept to invite him every one your questions.

So appreciate how you (a student, father or teacher) will acquire the occasion to link the fourth newspaper of the exam compensation discussion?

It is identical calm to join.

The interaction every teenager is in the offing for is back. Pariksha athletics Charcha with set up Minister Narendra Modi is approach soon!

Leave your stress and apprehension behind and dig up on the verge of to coagulate folks butterflies in your stomach free!

On accepted demand, this time, the first-class Minister’s massively prevalent interaction will not merely hold students but and parents and teachers.

You excessively know how to persuade a prospect to fall out with one of the largely inspiring most important Ministers ever, raise him for tips, inquire about can level pose questions you every time required answers for!

So, how carry out you (a student, father or teacher) search out a opportunity to participate in the fourth text of Pariksha games Charcha?

It’s very simple.

Read on:

First equipment first, click on the ‘Participate Now’ badge above.

Remember, the clash is sweeping for teach students of module 9 to 12.

Students know how to submit their responses to any one of the themes provided to them.

Students may as well submit their problem to Hon'ble best Minister in a greatest of 500 characters.

Parents and teachers tin and participate and submit their entries in the online behavior intended exclusively for them.


Learn how

First click on the 'Participate' pin above.

Remember, this is a opposition for students studying in Std. 9th to 12th.

Students know how to drive their respond on any one of the subjects chosen to them.

Students to Hon'ble best Minister in highest 500 characters

Can fire their possess question.

Parents and teachers be able to as well participate. preserve nominate themselves through an online motion purposely calculated for them.

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