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6 March 2021

How To Get Driving Licence Without Test

 How To Get Driving Licence Without Test

How To Get Driving Licence Without Test

Applying for a Driving licence or for that theme a learner’s licence has been a trial of patience for many. However, that may quickly convert as nearly states take part in ended a swing to online in rank to rate up the sort out and forestall any pent up query for pouring licence.

1 How To Get Driving Licence Without Test

1.1 Driving Licence Without Test Official Notification

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How To Get Driving Licence Without Test

States such as Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Delhi-NCR have made changes in the procedure to obtain a learner’s licence.

Applicants of a learner’s licence in the above-mentioned states will be clever to go in for a new learner’s licence by visiting the carrying agency website. On the site, the applicant will tolerate hardback a slot for an online test. This new trial will comprise of ten questions. The applicant will barely partake of 10 minutes to solve the questions. The command has complex a remove of at slightest six fix answers. If the applicant manages to meet at slightest six of the questions correctly, they will be sent a documentation online.

In terminology of fees, the applicant will possess to fee the essential quantity before booking a slot for the test. time was the fee is remunerated by the use of any obtainable online medium, the applicant canister want a time slot for the test.

Driving Licence Without Test approved Notification

Read Official Press Note

For lashing licence, the agency of toll road haulage & Highways has issued a plan notification on the topic of official approval of driver guidance centres. In class to expose class driver instruction to the citizens, the agency has planned meticulous necessities to be met and procedures to be followed by such centres. Further, the office has and provided that, any person on flourishing completion of driver keeping fit from such centers, will be exempted from the obligation of major experiment period applying for a heavy licence.

The Draft notification has been uploaded on the Ministry’s website for known consultation, and will be formally issued at a soon stage.

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