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9 March 2021

Best App : Swap, morph and change faces! Hundreds of accessories to make your photos funny

Best App : Swap, morph and change faces! Hundreds of accessories to make your photos funny

Better, stronger, funnier! After 50M jovial users, comes the new and enhanced look Changer 2!

Top Trending App of Global Best by Google Play 

Takes a selfie and opening having fun! Swap faces between acquaintances and with your favourite characters. Morph heads, attach elevation parts, funny hats, harebrained glasses and hundreds of accessories, stickers, backgrounds and more.

Want to laugh more or less more? No problem! go into the PhotoBooth to turn into a person you want! fool around with exuberance quizzes, games, funny photos stacks and greatly supplementary is appearance up.

Share your funniest master-pieces with associates and family!


Take a selfie or import photos from your camera gallery, Facebook, Instagram or function our sell photos and mesh search

Face swap - Swap faces between friends. Swap you deal with with everybody in the world!

Morph Faces - Tens of inevitable morph sound effects plus alien, fat, skinny, monster and lots of more. blur to reshape the be opposite into a funny cartoon

Face parts - Endless funny eyes, noses, passionate hats & hairdos, tattoos, daunting scars and more

Stickers - Over 600 stickers for any reason on any subject.

Fuse - your photo with a sundry background, site manually at the shore or on the moon. expenditure our horses backgrounds, or import your own

Instant replay - Mechanically initiate a “making of” capture on tape . cut to confirm your acquaintances pardon? an artiste you especially are


Packed with skin texture - tally up textbook or entice on surpass of the photo, attach makeup, tally stickers, exploit the clone tool and accordingly a good deal more

Share the image or the cassette with your friends

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