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16 February 2021

YouTube Kids Android app Download

YouTube Kids Android app Download

Encourage on family to discover the world, with a suite of parental controls

A globe of erudition and fun, ready in the past few minutes for kids

We formed YouTube Kids to put up it safer and simpler for family to explore the globe through online videotape – from their favourite shows and music to education how to create a exemplar volcano (or achieve slime), and the whole lot in between. There’s as well a complete suite of parental controls, consequently you tin tailor the come into contact with to your family’s needs.

A safer online be subjected to for kids

We application a hang out of filters, abuser criticism and individual reviewers to restrain the videos in YouTube Kids family friendly. But no system is perfect and inappropriate videos know how to glide through, as a result we’re constantly effective to get well our safeguards and submission new skin texture to prevent parents fashion the justified undergo for their families.

Get the dipper on each and every one the organize facial appearance accessible to you:


Create up to eight infant profiles, every with their particular viewing preferences, cassette recommendations and settings.


Select collections of channels on a selection of subjects by trusted partners and YouTube Kids.


Make solid that you’re in management of pardon? your kids inspect and hand-pick the videos, channels and collections of channels that they be able to see.


Found a tape or passage that you don’t wish for your toddler to watch? obstruct it to involuntarily get rid of it from every of your children’s profiles.


Alert us the moment by exposure videos that shouldn’t be in the app. The tape will be sent to us for immediate review.


Turn search on consequently that your family canister open new videos. roll search off for a other controlled event by restraining the encounter to channels that partake of been verified by YouTube Kids.


Set up a timer to put limits on how lingering your family canister make use of the app.


Keep tabs on I'm sorry? your brood are study in the app.


Gather your family and get pleasure from YouTube Kids on cliquey TVs.

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Other important information:

Parental set of connections is mandatory to guarantee the most excellent know-how achievable for your child.

YouTube Kids contains compensated ads in neatness to bid the app for free. Your baby may furthermore establish videos from YouTube creators with mercantile contents in them that are not rewarded ads.



Useful info for parents with Family bring together Google accounts.

You bottle get going Google balance sheet for kids under the period of 13 in Family Link. Your kids know how to make signs into YouTube Kids with their Family relation Google Account. You be able to contact parental settings in the Family relation app and allow an other at ease parallel with the ground scenery in our app. Opt in to an ‘older’ background if you suffer that your innocent person is raring to go for fewer secret videos. These videos may hold back about candid language and imagery, violence and evocative content. In addition, this background tries to eliminate mature content, but no automated system is perfect and your newborn may notice please with nudity, vastly nasty language and intense violence. give pleasure to addendum that close relative official satisfy is not existing if you initial into YouTube Kids with Family association Google accounts.

The Privacy advertisement for Google financial records formed in Family link up describes our privacy practices while your product uses YouTube Kids with their Family connection Google Account. once your infant uses YouTube Kids without signing into their Family linkage Google Account, the YouTube Kids Privacy observe applies.

To present an skill free of charge, YouTube Kids is ad-supported with imperfect advertising. what time your immature person selects a cassette in the app

Videos uploaded by users to YouTube are not remunerated Ads and consequently they are not apparent as an poster nor are they subject to our promotion policies. This may plus contain satisfied about or from companies who may come up with furthermore purchased Ads in the app. For example, a search for trains may well consequence in direct cartoons, songs and videos of truly trains, as clearly as a TV business for toy trains uploaded by a consumer or a toy series company, not a hint of which we take into account as rewarded Ads, as they are not share of the YouTube Kids marketing program. Likewise, a search for chocolate tin fair a user-uploaded film on creation chocolate fudge unvarying despite the fact that we sort out not permit rewarded Ads for chocolatiers. study further about Videos on YouTube Kids.

We will eradicate videos from the YouTube Kids app everywhere the author has notified us of a compensated consequence post or backing in their videocassette through YouTube’s compensated effect post and backing notification tools

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