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4 February 2021



Gujarat committee of edifying look into and education (GCERT) is a central society at the official flat as a pancake for the enhancement of qualitative culture at central and derived schools.

It was "State Institute of Education" before 1988. It was shortly upgraded as a SCERT in 1988, under the steadfastness of maintain edification Department. The upgraded SCERT, at once named as Gujarat assembly of didactic delve into and schooling (GCERT) is a altogether structured national flatten assistant professor institute and is prohibited and guided by a Governing association as fit as an Executive Committee.

GCERT was shifted from Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar, the government hub in 1997. ceremonial culture district has fixed divide territory for the GCERT for edifice in sector-12. consequently the GCERT has been functioning in the newly constructed house “VIDYABHAVAN” in sector-12 with avant-garde infrastructure and hottest tackle since 21st August, 2004 in view of the widening horizon.

Under the umbrella of GCERT, near are at the present 27 DIETs (District Institute of learning and Training) functional in 33 Districts. These DIETs divulge pre-service and in-service keeping fit to the essential teachers of the State. at hand are seven twigs that is Pre-service schoolteacher culture (PSTE), perform know-how (WE), area store section (DRU), Curriculum important incident & Evaluation (CMDE), instructive Technology (ET), In-service province interaction Innovation & Co-ordination (IFIC) and scheduling & Management PM functioning in these DIETs. These DIETs are efficiently equipped with competent and practiced educational and administrative staff.

The GCERT factory as a prominent foundation for implementing the policies, programmes and researches in the State. It provides store uphold and guidance to completely the educator teaching institutions and mechanism in collaboration with the NGOs, Subject experts, Educationalists and pioneers in bringing about reforms in the distant and underserved areas of the State.

It disseminates newest in rank with view to fresh trends and approaches in chief education, pre-service and in-service education, educational advances in the country, eclectic exploit of dissociate edification as a kind of training, organizing the public awareness programmes and updation of curriculum of crucial edification in view of new and emerging concerns. steady the affirm department of teaching banks upon its expertise. The board is committed to bringing about qualitative step up in discipline teaching intensely Elementary Education, event of curriculum syllabi, instructional bits and pieces and evaluation strategies to explore fitting solutions to didactic challenges with the shifting time. The GCERT has scaled a exclusive journey with experimentation from chalk to satellite, scaling an grueling ground in the topic of edifying reforms.

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