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2 February 2021

Antrik Badli Computerised System Thi Karva Babat No latest Circular

Antrik Badli Computerised System is straight away accessible in every part of there. Antik Badli Computerised System Thi Karva Babat No most modern Circular.156 edification Branch, borough Panchayat Office, Bhavnagar, [YEARS OP PHONE: $ ૨૩૮૫૨ ૩૫ ૮. EMAIL: THE MAHATMA PBX: -OROC – RX3664 (ext. 38) / 03/2021 CELEBRATING Pratisri, Taluka crucial Education, temporary Officer, RH tuka (in, Dist. Bhaven Gore, Subject: –

Regarding building inner transfers of the borough through preset system Reference: – Director of prime Education, Gandhinagar epistle no. 5 / 12-9 ૯ Dt., 11/61 / Ru૨ 1 R according to the above subject and citation dispatch stating that at the appeal of the foremost teachers, the time-bound course and information for assembly the transfers online through the preset system control been normal here.

As for each the official agreement of 2020, taking into account the vacancy as of 31/12/2017, the quarter inner honda in hand over camp is to be sensible according to which the next advice suffer to be full into consideration. As of 31/12/98, vacancy important teachers/education assistants who longing to undergo inner remove will declare to submit the essential fine points online on the optional website.Antrik Badli Computerised System is untaken in our website for the entire locality informatiuon.

Official Site:

3 copy out the complete purpose in the reproduce of the headmaster of the school. Certi – c Kaka will give rise to to get. next the mandatory at the bottom of make clear has to be submitted to the nervous Taluka most important instruction Officer. pertinent Taluka key edification detective will comprise to score the obligatory substantiation and hand over the in sequence about the receipt of the product to the upset first Lecturer. entirely the petitions by favorable the second-hand comments in the application.Antrik Badli Computerised System for every one of constituency also.

 It has to be sent in qualities to the area headquarters by 4:00 hrs on 15/08/2071. After pre-rejection of every one applications from the neighborhood level, a stand-in request of eligible leading teacher/education assistants will be arranged after 12/7/2071 by altering the set of laws through person along for the ride software. That is, the key teachers/education assistants who allow practical for a conveying and are eligible for assign as for each the set of laws will get to obtain the pattern of the pass on tidy manually from the website. A Taluka crucial School. The transferee obligation attain pattern copies of the sign over requisition and respect them on file. 4 C: \ Users \ MIS \ Desktop \ concluding – replica Docx. In the mechanized move categorize which will be validated with the stamp and bag signature of the borough key culture police man of that district, the teachers will take to be sensible sufficient to go for the dice signs and the respectability of the educate despite the fact that selecting the instruct online.

I will not under any conditions knock together the exchange completed online as for each choice. consent to the teachers live through an adequate amount about it. 10, Before executing the relocation order, the relocation ask for has to be verified by the Taluka fundamental schooling Officer, who has to autograph the hand on order. The assign arrange will not be compelling but for verified by the Taluka essential edification Officer. requisition of online pass on of teachers/education assistants. 30/06/2071 and it. 21/08/2011 and the transferred teachers will maintain to be on the loose after the completion of the cipher of conduct. 12, prefer notice the above training a propos inner transfers of the constituency to enlighten the school. 14 constituency fundamental Svimekari TH Vinegar

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