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27 January 2021

The Center announced new guidelines in view of the Corona epidemic, giving all these concessions

The Center announced new guidelines in view of the Corona epidemic, giving all these concessions

A number of restrictions were imposed due to the Corona Virus epidemic. But now the situation is slowly deteriorating. The government has also breathed a sigh of relief as the Corona Vaccine has also arrived in India. The Central Government has today announced a new guideline (Gaudiness) in view of the slowdown in public life. This guideline will have to be followed from 1st February to 28th February.

The new guideline (Gaudiness) has opened all the swimming pools of the country to the public. At the same time, exemption has been given to go out of the Cantonment Zone. SOP will be issued separately by taking theaters.

The Corona epidemic, which started about a year ago, forced the countrymen to stay at home for months. The process of several stages of lockdown and then unlock was started for several months. In the unlock process the controls were relaxed according to the situation. But now not one of the biotech and serum institutes in India has entered the Babbe Corona vaccine market. So far, the vaccine has been given to 20 lakh people. On the other hand, the caution shown by the people has also reduced the spread of corona to a great extent.

The Union Home Ministry today issued new guidelines in view of the deteriorating situation. Swimming pools are allowed to open to all as per this guideline. While all the concessions have been given, even outside the containment.

More than 50% of the audience is allowed to sit in cinema halls in all the states of the country. However, more SOPs (Standards of Process) will be issued for cinema halls in the near future. If we look at this guideline, it can be said that the central government now has only a handful of restrictions. Most concessions have been made. This guideline will be applicable to all the States and Union Territories.

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However, things like wearing masks and maintaining social distance have remained the same. Similarly, no explanation has been given regarding school-colleges. Notably, the corona virus caused an uproar in the country and the world. In India alone, more than 1 crore cases of corona were reported while millions of people died.

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