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6 January 2021

Std- 4 NCERT learning book & offline solutions for all students

 Std- 4 NCERT learning book & offline solutions for all students

function to alleviate students elucidate the tribulations prearranged in the textbook for NCERT / CBSE seminar 4 in India.

Application features:

- Resolve with meticulous explanation and images

- Students canister straightforwardly be aware of solutions, self-specification

- hunt for transient questions and picture answers

- indication to the authentic piece of paper add up to in the NCERT book

- express client interface

- part clever planned enlightening material

- content zoom, thoroughgoing will be look at as an further feature

Benefits for students and parents

Learning at any time: Students canister perfect coaching at domicile at their identifiable movement and time with the make easier of audio dio-visual digital content.

Repeat Exercises: Students canister strengthen their look at carefully with self-study exercises.

Online quiz: Students be capable of get well their awareness of the seminar by frustrating self-assessment quizzes and teacher-created tests

Automatic bookmarks: automated bookmarks for each one period let students to resume teaching from their preceding session.

ધોરણ 4 સ્વ-અધ્યયનપોથી

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