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31 January 2021

Coloring and learn App for children || Best educational game for kids

Coloring and learn App for children || Best educational game for kids:

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About this Application::::

Fun enlightening game - The paramount street to learn, create, portray and color!

"Coloring and Learn" is an realistic ruddiness game with further than 250 pages with enlightening contented for every ages!.

"Free mode": at this point you be able to to all comers draw, doodle, affect and let loose your imagination.

"Glow pallor mode": construct key draw squiggles artwork with neon paint!
Explore the great globe of color!

The total family, parents and brood will take part in hours of enjoyable together!

Can lure and pallor in the equal path they complete on piece by unlike tools.

You be able to obtain exuberance skin tone with your kids or perform pallor contests with them. The potential are endless.

They study to engrave the alphabet and numbers. Count, single out algebraic figures, be familiar with the animals, moving and more!

Decorate your artworks with over 100 lovely stickers.

Promotes the improvement of imagination, the arts, and increases the gift of concentration and thin motor skills of children.

Save your creations in the CD and alter them at any time!

Share your doodles with your family and acquaintances through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, email, and more...

The game is exact fun, minimal and didactic for entirely ages.

Important link

Click here to Download Coloring and Learn Application From here

In addition, it contains other fun activities:

Drum: be converted into a musician before a live audience drums and creating delightful songs. It's a excitement aspect to discover music with this brilliant instrument.
Pop Balloons: engage in enjoyable blowing balloons with your fingers and listening to the sounds of animals.
Magic Lines: give rise to your have possession of fireworks show.
Learn Colors: a kind moralizing game to discover the colors.
Aviator: make available your mind's eye and imagination with this fascinating minigame to launch airplanes.
Sea: set up a pleasing sea humankind with this brilliant game of fish.
Pixel Art : extend spatial recollection by representation pixel by pixel and recreating enjoyment characters.

It mechanism wholly in the entire smartphones and medication

Coloring and learn App for children Best educational game

★ ANIMALS (to learn the Name of Animals)
★ VEHICLES (to learn the most common means of transport)
★ ALPHABET (to learn Alphabets from A to Z)
★ NUMBERS (to learn Numbers from 0 to 10)
★ GEOMETRIC FIGURES (to learn basic Geometric Figures and Space)
★ CONNECT POINTS (to learn to count,and improve motor skills)
★ CHRISTMAS (Beautiful funny coloring drawings)
★ HALLOWEEN (Funny characters that do not scare anyone)
★ DINOSAURS (know our friends from prehistory)
★ FREE MODE (unleash your imagination)

*** FEATURES ***

★ All content is 100% FREE
★ Simple design and very intuitive for children.
★ Different strokes of pencil and colors
★ Colors with flash effect (dynamic random color for endless bright colors)
★ Over 100 adorable stickers to decorate your paintings.
★ Eraser function.
★ “Undo” function and “Clear All” function.
★ Save drawings in the album to then share or edit them.

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