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17 December 2020

Obstructive notification of one-time allowance scheme for rule employees was in the end irrecoverable

Obstructive notification of one-time allowance scheme for rule employees was in the end irrecoverable

Good NEWS for Gov. Employees.

Why discriminate as soon as nearby is equivalent break for impartiality in the constitution?

I'll start off with myself. Our earlier leading edification officeholder and I had a heated handset dialogue about the responsibility of watering teachers at deprived welfare fairs. even though I did not input everything bad, a plight of mutually I got I beg your pardon? is called a grown-up punishment in the convention of educate and service. I was perfectly and the contradictory was wrong. all will exhibit heard this audio too.

Imporant Link. : 

Second, Chanakya Bhavan had before got teachers and the work bearers had particular chairs to the teachers. The Anand Shikshak Sangh wrote that no happening has full space in this regard. subsequently I talked to the central character here and clearly said, "I'll approach and escort if you puzzle out a clever job, but you won't govern away."

HTAT શિક્ષક મિત્રોના ઓનલાઈન આંદોલન અંગેના સમાચાર જાણો અહીંથી

And in this rationale and LCB police force filed FIR against me and I had to be found for the legal action repeatedly.

Both these bags are especially slight against Satishbhai's case. However, if a assortment is experience against me, next why Satishbhai know how to be lively by apologizing? I don't take care of with Satishbhai that TPEO Jode has no relationship. But whoever has committed a crime duty be punished. If the crime is not registered, afterward if any ego apologizes in any bid, will it be conceded out?

This skirmish is a ignominy to the total culture humanity of Gujarat. Satishbhai is guilty of idiom 13 epoch in audio. How to accomplish a threat. ? The administration furthermore says it runs itself. That is why I judge that truthfulness must be equal. A crime have to be registered against Satishbhai and he has imperfect the intact edification world. accordingly he must resign. If this does not crop up subsequently I will start to have that the teaching globe of Gujarat is not in a helpful way.

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