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11 December 2020

Important points of HTAT Cader

 Important points of HTAT Cader

Statement by Gujarat State (HTAT) Head Teachers Union

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On the basis of the representations received by us through the office bearers of our organization in the taluka and district, the representatives of the state and the state made representations to the Government from time to time. Respect the context. Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani Saheb, Deputy Chief Minister Shri Nitinbhai Patel Saheb, Education Minister Shri Bhupendrasinh Chudasama Saheb and Vibhavariben Dave Saheb, Hon. Rao Sahebshree, Secretary Primary Education, Mishan Saheb, Deputy Secretary, Primary Education, M. I. Joshi Saheb, Director Primary Education, Subodh Joshi Saheb, Deputy Secretary Primary Education and Dilipbhai Nai Saheb, Section Officer Primary Education have been sensitive to our questions and have made beneficial decisions for our cadre. We thank everyone at this stage.

Decision regarding Head Teacher (HTAT) 

The cadre of Head Teacher (HTAT) will now be considered academic instead of administrative.

Headmaster (HTAT) will be given higher pay scale of 9-20-31 without passing any departmental examination. It has been decided to give higher salary standard of 4200-4400-4600 to those who have been promoted and higher salary standard of 4400-4600-5400 to those who are directly recruited.

The head teacher (HTAT) cadre is destined to be considered as vacational as the teacher.

Head Teacher (HTAT) will be given session benefits at the time of retirement.

As it has been decided to give higher pay scale of 12-24 to the Assistant Education Inspector, if the promotion of the headmaster is done in place of the Assistant Education Inspector, there will be financial loss. Anyone who wants to can take the exam and become an Assistant Education Supervisor.

Note - Other options are being considered by the government for head teachers who have been shifted to over setup. Our TOP PRIORITY is still on the point. The result will be 100%.

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