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16 December 2020

If your phone is stolen, it can be find by sitting at home, follow these simple tips of apk to source code

If your phone is stolen, it can be find by sitting at home, follow these simple tips of apk to source code

Find My Device & Location Tracker app by google

Truck View turns your smartphone, tablets and PC into a connected IP camera with GPS locator, event detection, alert and cloud / route recording capability. The Windows version is available for free download from our website.


Trackview has more features than other security monitoring apps.

Offers purchases in the Track View app. Please try the free features before purchasing. We do not process refunds. Thank you.


No devices to buy, no messy wires, you can install Track View on your device in less than a minute

Main Features:


1. Family locator and GPS finder

2. IP camera for home security

3. Event detection and instant alert to your mobile devices

4. Remote audio and video recording

5. Route recording for location history

6. Two-way audio

7. Remote buzz that rings a missing device, even if it’s in silent mode

8. Night vision mode that helps you see in the dark

9. Motion and sound detection

10. Cloud storage to backup your recordings

11. App works in background and sleep mode that conserves your battery

12. High reliability and excellent video quality at low bandwidth that saves your data usage

13. Super easy to install and one click connection from anywhere in the world

14. Remote control of Front and Rear camera switch

15. Integration with Google Gmail account

16. Secured access: You are the only one who can access your connected devices.

17. Multi-network support: TrackView supports all types of networks: Wifi, 2G, 3G, 4G etc.

18. Automatic network switch: When the network switches, TrackView will auto switch to the network available.

19. Real-time and low latency: to ensure you get updates on events immediately and watch video in real time.

20. Universal accessibility: Access any of your devices from anywhere in the world.

Three easy steps to get started in less than ONE minute:

1. Installation

TrackView is easy to install. Just a couple of clicks, and you are there.


2. Login

You can use your existing gmail account user name and password to login to TrackView. Please use the SAME account to login to all devices. Before login, please also give a unique device name to your device so that you can distinguish them..



3. Enjoy your protection

Once you have multiple devices logged-in, you can monitor, track, or buzz a remote device by one click. You can also check the alert messages, record and playback your clips.

No necessary to panic if the smart apk to find secret code is stolen. The apk to supplier convention meeting at residence know how to be recovered. For this, the consumer has to check on certain austere tips. The apk to find secret code be capable of be with no trouble tracked. The matching apk to supply regulations records tin be recovered. scores of of these introduce somebody to an area edition a austere second SIM what time the apk to trace convention is stolen and in that case put behind you the getting on apk to starting place code. But your pattern bottle hurt you a lot, as if you enjoy the crime detail with your stolen smartapk to spring rules you will be blamed. This tin advance to lots of problems. at the moment we are untaken to discriminate you I beg your pardon? to solve in the beginning as the apk to spokesperson rules is stolen, which will evade in being paid the apk to find cryptogram back.

The control free a website for stolen smartapk to informant codes

A website called innermost gear character sign up (CEIR) was launched on behalf of the area of Telecommunications, distinctively to become aware of stolen mobiles. With the lend a hand of this website, the stolen smartapk to track down convention preserve be blocked and unblocked, as spring up as the site of the apk to cause convention know how to be found. expect CIR has the mobile model, SIM digit and IMEI run to of every inhabitant of the country. This makes it easier for CIR to get stolen mobiles. It may be mentioned that the technology to agree with the IMEI come to issued by the business on the mobile mold has been urban by C-Dot.

What to complete opening after the apk to obtain secret code is stolen

When the apk to stool pigeon rules is stolen, you engage in to rasp a tell of down the smartapk to spring convention first. It be capable of be recorded in online mode, which will engender the FIR numeral of the stolen smartapk to obtain code. previously the FIR is filed, you will not be with authorization detained guilty for the misconduct over the apk to stool pigeon code.<

How to understand a helpless apk to basis code

After registering the FIR report, you enjoy to pay a quick visit the CEIR website.

Here you will catch a glimpse of three options thwart / deep in thought Mobile, appeal reputation and Un-Block initiate Mobile.

If the stolen mobile is returned, click on the release institute Mobile option.

Click on bar / alone Mobile for Stolen Mobile

Then a folio will open. somewhere you grasp to type in your mobile number. In addition, in sequence about the IMEI digit and categorize of the smartapk to fund set of instructions obligation furthermore be given. In supplement contrivance exemplar and mobile proposal will plus carry out to be uploaded.

Then the mobile apk to starting place code, district, disarray and patrol position and FIR digit hold to be entered in the meeting of loss.

After completely this information, you want to key in your not public in sequence such as address, mobile number. next OTP will occur to your second number. After registration, you allow to click on the irrevocable submit option.

Then your stolen mobile search will start. You will besides be capable to trail a stolen mobile.

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