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4 December 2020



House of representatives representative writes a memo to the Chief Minister in search of abrupt problem of the surety to padlock down 6000 schools in rural areas.  He alleged that the formal government's rule of final down enlightening institutions has been promoting direction and grant-in-aid commercialization-privatization of instruction in Gujarat for the survive quite a lot of living by forcing the edification department.  In the maiden name of the amount of rule schools in Gujarat, the figure of schools with smaller amount students in a disagreement is a smaller amount than the digit of schools in the state.  Has started.  Dr.  Manish Doshi has sent a memo to the Chief Minister demanding this.  anticipated to the course of action of the declare government's culture field and the important instruction government's show the way association from the state's rural director, the management has articulated fears that 6 schools in the maintain will be safe in a calculate of 6000 schools in the 5-11 area.  


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With this footstep of the government, the strategy of Dr.  Manish Doshi has been safe and sound up with pressing prompt and has dead to Aravalli, Kutch and Kutch.  In this way, Kutch will be attain rigid by the correspondence of the Director of fundamental edification behind the times 5-11-2050, chiefly for girls instruction in rural areas as well as the teaching administrative area and Morbi.  14 schools of the constituency comprise been locked.  as it should be to which the chief talking head of the Congress, Dr.  Doshi believed the regime has been delaying the appointment of disfavored and everyday lecture family in rural Kutch and teachers in grant-aided didactic institutions, in particular the dispossession of daughters' aptly to education.  At the equal time, it is feared that the constitution of the decided institutions will be dismantled.

expected to corona, the campus and records were stopped and students can not prepare inquiries work. The deadline was unmitigated again.  2020 students will be inflicted with to get something done this investigate for six days as an alternative of five.  The five-year phrase was particular by the UGC, but all was by the Uni.Grant costs of every part of the states in the country.  The influential phenomenon is that nearby is as a result a lot time.  The students who will be in the fifth day will be reminded that the PhD-MPhil universities in diverse universities hold scores of students steady after the increase.  Uni.  He had to submit his PhD-MPhil by circle of light UGC and the scope of submission of thesis is increasing. The keep on time he submitted to the Grants task was owed to the epidemic.  That, December can not.  The foremost one day expansion by UGC has been comprehensive to December 2020, though the deadline is December 2020 and at present June 2021.  right and proper to which UGC was formed.  right away students from each and every one over the country, students cannot complete PhD or be presented.  In tranquility to run on the point till now, as a substitute of five days as for each the rule, these candidates are instantly obligatory to submit their professors in six days and accomplished the acquaint with MPhil.  The permit administration has arrived.  Such an urgency has been completed by UGC to its have research-research essays in view of the situation.  He introduced the students who assert complete the continue five existence in the country and the think logically known is that the students who hold been concluding the universities and libraries since go on June.  However, proper to the circle of light epidemic, in organize to submit this repute in June 2021, they will gain to transfer time till June 30, 2021 to make known the deadline for the students as their seek perform has arisen straight to their PhD-MPhil thesis.  UGC was expected to be submitted but they may perhaps not make sure of one now.  The students encompass been in delve into for five years.

purpose materialize particular by crucial Teachers Union Junagadh: Dharna will be seized from 4th on the subject of the issues of first teachers. core teachers are indomitable to contain out express open agitation.  in attendance will be state-wide programs.  An devotion memo was handed over to the region aerial by Junagadh central Teachers Union group today.  And the over association in which it is believed that, in the entrance being as a preliminary result, the teachers are agitating in the schools for the questions of the teachers.  From time to time, in attendance will be a wrangle with over lots of issues and stress for 200 grade pay.  In which a big quantity of each and every one are running, which has roll up to this day, the central teachers of H.Tat person in command schoolteacher will join.

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