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25 December 2020

"Dainik Shabd Manjusha" "Let's know ordinary words in four Languages"

"Dainik Shabd Manjusha" "Let's know ordinary words in four Languages"

(Sanskrit, Gujarati, Hindi & English)

Created By : Jilla Panchayat Sikshan Samiti Ahmedabad.

Very Useful for All Primary School Teachers and Students. 

> Activity - gather could you repeat that? something else terms are called in four languages ​​and exhibit five lexis on the go aboard consistently every day. , Knows and Memories.

Area: –Children of criterion 6 to 8. 

Useful for brood from usual 6 to 8 

 Special Note: - std 8 kids will plus be functional in NMMS exam

 Understanding of entirely expressions in four languages ​​

 Includes every Chapters. 

Understanding in Sanskrit .. Hindi .. Gujarati .. English

 Purpose of record :-

 Know I beg your pardon? diverse terminology are called in four languages

 ➖ for kids language deposit develops in four languages

 Children's vocabulary will increase

 Children's language becomes rich

 ➖ If possible, correspond with every one these terms in your notebook

 ➖ The child's pursuit in subject schooling increases

 Increases the child's self-confidence as in a good way as cognition

 ➖ Indirectly enriches the infant self-governing writing

 ➖ Parents are benignly requested to event this tape if your kids are studying in  Std. 6 to 8. 

 This film has been completed for the assistance of every one the brood of Gujarat


 1) The child's language store develops in four languages. (Sanskrit, Gujarati, Hindi, English) 

2) copy in a note pad makes the infant be inflicted with a stored run to of words. subsequently that the child's language becomes rich.

 3) be of interest in subject instruction increases. 

 4) Increases self-confidence.



 5) The child's curiosity is satisfied.

 6) Indirectly enriches the child’s unconventional writing.

 7) which makes it easier to see the subject. The hurdle of the subject is removed. 

 8) The child's delve into instinct is sharpened.

Must Download this PDF FILE for your Knowledge. 

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