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3 November 2020



India's determination Commission, New Delhi's 7/08/2020 epistle numbers: 23/202109 - ERS from the expressions of the eligibility of the eligibility of the eligibility of the eligibility, the out of the ordinary instruct restitution line up has been confirmed Saturday, the measure of 11/08/20 and 2020 and the intelligence of voting, a individual transitory reform code of voting in the 11/09/2020, has particular comprehensive directives about 2021. According to the revised curriculum official by the choice mission - the time of patient claims and protest requirements is cast-iron from 09/11/2020 (Monday) to .15 / 12/2020 (Tuesday), and the drafting of integrated voters In the position of 174 in the condition of Vigilica (except 8 gathering votes under the sub-elections), a out of the ordinary passing restitution encode of the supporters listing opening on the beginning of 09/11/2020, is at the course .22 / 11/2020 ( The being of this out of the ordinary war will receive to go the next work. The designated detective will give birth to to coordinate extraordinary planning to assume the apply for and hostility needs by 10:00 hours in the morning by 10:00 hours in the evening to 05:00 hours.

Displaying the fitting banner in the curriculum connected to each one location. To assume forms by the Daisigned executive on a singular campaign, examination the minutiae of voters from the draft, read-through the drafting of the blaly, if in attendance is an error, and reported through the director in the evening manager at the point of each one exclusive campaign. This day, charming incessant interviews of every site under the supervisor, will be supervised and guidelines and presenting the ERO / AERO of apiece segment of the evening. 1. 2. 3. ring No.: MCC: 23257086, Sveeep - 23255746 CompP. faction - 23257494, FAX: 23257090 education - 2325745 Expenditure - 23255742 account - 23257420 5. quarter selection Officer, the voter registration police man and subordinate voter registration police officer will enclose to trip the accidental (random) visited locations.


On extraordinary campaigns will be sent here. In addition, the intensifying guidance advice agreed by New Delhi to India's vote costs for organizing all-purpose / sub-elections during Covid -19, and the guidance information issued by the rule of India / land leadership to break off the transition of CoVed 19 Therefore, the meticulous directives in the in order about the existence of the out of the ordinary campaign, are requested to allot the complete the funding officers looked-for in every part of the distinctive constituencies, as well as the complete the other divergent constituencies, plus the P.A. officials, plus the secondary officials, counting altogether the other plain.

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