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18 October 2020

Online Navratri Garba at home through youtube from Kirtidan to Jignesh barot

Online Navratri Garba at home through youtube from Kirtidan to Jignesh barot

As Navratri begins on Saturday, the state government has announced how to celebrate the festival in Corona's time with or without police permission, but after that announcement, the government had to abide by certain rules it had announced.  On the one hand, while Gujarat is getting ready to celebrate Navratri with a social distance like never before, on the other hand, the government has urged to celebrate this festival with certain rules.  Let us know what is in this announcement released on October 9 and what changes have been made in it. 

Amidst the Corona epidemic, the festival of Shakti Aradhana Navratri has started from today. The government has imposed a complete ban on Garba this year so as not to spread the Koro transition. Well-known singers from Gujarat have been thumping to celebrate Navratri online online. With the establishment of Mataji at home, the players will play Garba wearing traditional dress. This year, singers from Kirtidan Gadhvi to Kinjal Dave will be seen singing Garba online. They will do Garba Live through YouTube and Instagram. However, Kinjal Dave will sing Garba live on the 8th North. While Dr. Tushar Bhonsle of Vadodara, who runs the music group, will make 800 children of Prince Ashokraj Gaekwad School do individual online garba, in which about 80 teachers will teach online. The children will get ready at home and play individual garba.

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Kirtidan Gadhvi, Osman Mir, Geeta Rabari, Nisha Barot, Aditya Gadhvi, Kairavi Butch, Gaman Santhal, Rajal Barot, Kajal Mehria, Umesh Barot, Nilesh Gadhvi, Dharmesh Barot, Sagardan Gadhvi, including Rashmitaben Rabtarni, Ramzat will be seen speaking on YouTube channel and private news channels.

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