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9 October 2020

Gujarat Government Navratri Final guideline decalred

Gujarat Government Navratri Final guideline decalred

Gandhinagar: While Gujaratis are eagerly awaiting approval for their biggest festival Navratri or not, the Vijay Rupani government of Gujarat has taken a big decision regarding the planning of Navratri.

As per the decision taken by the Rupani government, public planning of Garba cannot be held at any place in the state during Navratri. Not only party plots but also street garba cannot be organized. During Navratri, Garbi / Murti can be installed and worshiped in open space in public but photos or idols cannot be touched and prasad cannot be distributed. This will require the approval of the local administration. In addition, no more than 20 persons will be able to gather and the time for the installation of Garbi and idols and the program of Pooja-Aarti will be one hour only. In addition, the SOP declared by the state government must be complied with.

Last week, Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel said the Rupani government was considering allowing street garba during Navratri. Nitin Patel's statement was a relief to Garba fans and people thought that Garba could be played not only in party plots, but also in societies or at home but now the government has decided not to allow any kind of Garba.





After the clear instruction of the government, it has become clear that street garba cannot be organized in Gujarat.

As per the new guidelines of the state government to be implemented from October 16, the state government has not approved any planning of Garba.

Atul Tiwari / Ahmedabad: Recently, the Gujarat government issued guidelines on how to celebrate festivals from Navratri to Diwali. However, the guideline did not specify whether to hold a navratri. Shortly after the guideline was announced, the government also clarified about sheri garba. Accordingly, the government has not even given permission to Sheri Garba.

Sheri Garba cannot be organized

Regarding the planning of Navratri Garba, the government further clarified that no type of Garba including public or street Garba can be organized in the state. Pooja Aarti can be performed only in the presence of a maximum of 200 persons by installing Mataji's idol or Garbi and with compliance with SOP including social distance. Apart from that, no Garba can be organized. Only Mataji's Aarti Puja can be done, Prasad cannot be distributed.

After the clear instruction of the government, it has become clear that street garba cannot be organized in Gujarat. It was announced that there would be no big garba, but people were expecting a street garba. But now the government has said in no uncertain terms that street riots cannot be carried out.

The medical association declined to comment

Khelaiyas had hoped that the state government would approve the planning of the street garba, but the state government has not approved any kind of garba planning as per the new guidelines of the state government to be implemented from October 16. There has also been disappointment among the players, but many citizens have welcomed the government's decision. The Ahmedabad Medical Association has been urging the state government not to allow Garba to do so, given the Corona transition this year. Otherwise, the situation will worsen and if the cases of corona increase, it will be difficult to treat patients.

The cast was disappointed again

On the other hand, after the lockdown caused by Corona, this difficult time will remain for the artists who are still connected with the world of music. The state government had earlier banned the planning of a big garba. But the artists expected that if the state government allowed Sheri Garba, the small artists would get a lifeline. But with the new guidelines released by the government now putting an end to any kind of Garba planning, there is widespread frustration among artists connected to the music world. However, even the big organizers of Garba had earlier clarified that they would not be organizing a program for Garba this year in view of the growing number of Koro transitions.

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