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17 August 2020

Official Press note : Gujarat Corona update Date : 17-08-2020

Official Press note : Gujarat Corona update Date : 17-08-2020

Corona’s transition is spreading rapidly. The number of positive corona figures released by the municipality and district administration has risen to 17,028. This includes 13,602 in the city and 3426 in the district. The death toll has risen to 720. These include 565 in the city and 155 in the district. The number of recovered is 12,948, including 2699 people from the district. At present, a total of 3360 people from the city and district are undergoing treatment.


A total of 325 patients on civil-smear on oxygen
Out of 344 patients in the ward at New Civil and Covid Hospital, 262 are in critical condition. 19 ventilators, 46 bipoles and 197 patients are on oxygen. The condition of 188 of the 229 patients at Schmeier Hospital is critical. There are 9 ventilators, 51 bipaps and 128 on oxygen.


A total of 161 new cases were reported in Ahmedabad city and district yesterday and a total of 4 patients died. When a total of 247 patients recovered they were discharged. From the evening of 13 August to the evening of 14 August, 149 new cases were reported in the city and 12 in the district, while 4 patients died in the city. As many as 232 patients in the city and 15 in the district were discharged recovering. Thus far 28,678 cases and 1,652 patients have died in the city and district. A total of 23,520 patients have recovered and returned home.

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Another Hyderabad-based company will launch covid-19. Lee-Pharma will launch the antiviral drug Favipiravir under the name 'Faravir'. This 200 mg tablet will cost Rs. If its price does not change, it will prove to be the cheapest Covid-19 tablet in the country. It will compete with MSN Group's drug 'Favilo'. One tablet costs Rs 33.

According to Raghu Mitra Ella, Director, Lee-Pharma, we have received permission from the Drug Controller General of India to manufacture this drug. However, we are already supplying Favipiravir drug to Egypt and Bangladesh. Faravir medicine will be manufactured at our Visakhapatnam plant. Our drug preparation capacity is very high. We can make 6 million tablets in a month.

In addition, Raghu said, the tablet may be launched next month. Our efforts will be to reach every corner of the country. The drug is priced at Rs 27 so people can buy it at a reasonable price.

On Thursday, Hyderabad-based generic pharma company MSN Group launched Corona's cheapest drug 'Favilo'. The drug contains a dose of favipiravir drug. A tablet of 200mg Favipiravir will be available for Rs. According to the company, Favipiravir's 400mg tablet will be launched in the market soon.

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