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19 August 2020

Gujarat Corona Case Updates of Date 19 August 2020

According to figures released by the corporation, Vadodara has so far registered the highest number of 111 cases in a single day. So the number of positive patients has increased to 6647. While the official death toll has risen to 124 with 1 death. A total of 5322 people have been discharged from 48 patients and reached home today.

Corona 53 patient on ventilator
Out of the currently active cases in Vadodara, 136 patients are on oxygen and 53 patients are on ventilator and 950 patients are in stable condition. Out of 1926 samples taken in Vadodara in the last 24 hours, 111 came positive and 1815 came negative. Thus testing has been doubled in Vadodara. But the number of cases has not doubled.

The highest number of deaths was reported in the northern zone
According to experts, the city is not seeing an increase in the number of positive cases as expected during August. However serious cases of corona are still a matter of concern for the system. The official death toll in Corona has now reached 124, with the highest number of deaths reported in the North Zone, with 2 more deaths officially announced in Corona today.

According to the corporation, the number of positive cases of corona in Surat city district has reached 17,982. The death toll from the corona in the city district has risen to 747. The previous day, 349 patients from the city and district who had recovered from corona treatment were discharged. So far a total of 14352 patients have been discharged in the city district.

A total of 14,270 cases in the city and 3712 in the district
A total of 580 deaths have been reported in 14,270 positive cases in Surat city. While in Surat district out of total 3712, 167 have died. A total of 747 deaths have been reported in 17,982 cases in Surat city-district. A total of 11,456 patients have been discharged in Surat city so far. While in rural areas a total of 2887 patients have recovered.
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A total of 139 patients of Corona on oxygen
The condition of 122 out of 167 patients in the ward at New Civil and Covid Hospital is critical. 8 ventilators, 24 bipaps and 90 patients are on oxygen. The condition of 78 of the 86 patients at Schmeier Hospital is critical. There are 7 ventilators, 18 bipaps and 49 on oxygen.

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