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20 August 2020


Ekam Kasoti Marks Entry (PAT 2020):

Hello Teachers, welcome to Website. You entirely live through that the group experiment is full in flag 3 to 12 in the Gujarat state. previous we were updating the element adversity blot on the online put – But from this year, an innovative means has been implemented for the door of building block adversity marks. From promptly on, the item investigate inscription state to be entered from the mobile application. For which the slab certain in the trial booklet has to be scanned. The refer to of this submission is SaralData. It has been fashioned by Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. at this point is guidance on the topic of this purpose and its use.


1 Ekam Kasoti Marks Entry (PAT 2020)
1.1 SaralData – PAT Marks Entry App
1.2 How to input tap lettering on "SaralData App"?
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Ekam Kasoti Marks Entry (PAT 2020)
Organization Name Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan
Exam Name Ekam Kasoti (PAT-2020)
Category Marks Entry
Application Name SaralDataSaralData – PAT Marks Entry App

SSA conducts weekly tests to aid students befit expert in input culture objectives. This app has been launched by SSA with questions individual provided by GCERT, to make possible stress-free and swift records album at the suspect next to for the answers that students make available in these weekly tests.

How to download Saral Data App?

First of all open Google Play Store on mobile.

so therefore search by typing ‘Saraldata’ in the search box.
Now click on the ensconce button
How to go into stoke script on SaralData App?

In contract to produce a hit correct admission through a SaralData mobile application, first, you give birth to to download the request from the relate known above. Before inward bound the marks, the fine points of the learner must be packed in the propose agreed in the piece examination booklet. compose the after everything else seven digits of apprentice single credentials in the known table. at the present tab that apiece mistrust is conspicuous according to the order. pronto the next steps are to be followed to search the marks.

Open the SaralData mobile app
Click on the ‘PROCEED’ button on the screen
Now log in using username and password
The school name and dice code will appear after logging in
Then click on the + (plus) sign in the lower right corner of the mobile screen
Now you have to select the class, section and test date click on the Next button
Class, Exam Date, Students Number will appear on the screen
Now click on the green circle at the bottom of the screen

So your camera will start in which you have to give ‘Allow’ permission
Then activate Write System settings
Now scan the table in the booklet
After all the students’ marks are scanned, click on the Save Scan button

Now click on the OK button.

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