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20 June 2020

Modi government greater flexibility of the scheme, consumers will now be purchased for free at LPG cylinder || Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana New update 2020

What is this plan- Ujavalla Yojana New Updates

Depending on the scheme, when you take LPG connection, the total amount with gas stove is Rs. 3200. In which Rs. 1600 is given by the government as a subsidy. The remaining Rs 1,600 is provided by the oil company. But customers have to pay the remaining amount of Rs 1600 to the companies in the form of EMI.

The structure of EMI is such that customers do not have to pay separately. When you refill LPG, the amount that should be credited to your account in the form of DBT is paid directly to the account of the companies. This amount is given till it reaches Rs.1600. Once you pay this, you start getting the subsidy again.

No EMI on the first 6 cylinders of 14 kg

This was causing financial hardship to the affected consumers, which led the Petroleum Ministry to order the oil companies to start EMI deferral scheme. It will not require customers to pay EMI on 6 cylinders in a 14 kg cylinder in a year. EMI has to be given on the seventh cylinder.

This is how the application can be made

Any woman from BPL family can apply for gas connection on PMUY basis, for this you have to fill KYC form and submit it to the nearest LPG center. Application to PMUY requires a 2 page form, required documents, name, address, Jan Dhan bank account number, Aadhaar number, etc. At the time of application you will also have to state whether you want a 14.2 kg cylinder or a 5 kg cylinder. You can also download the PMUY form from the Pradhan Mantri Ujjawala Yojana site.

 These documents are required for PMUY

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